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Yes We Install Them!!!

Don of All Trades installs Low-Flow Irrigation systems for your home or business. As more communities face water shortages, many people are noticing how simple and practical these low-flow irrigation systems can be. Once these systems are installed they not only conserve water, they save a lot of work. Tired of spending your time winding and unwinding hoses, attaching and moving sprinklers, and so on? Also known as micro-irrigation and low-flow watering systems these use much less later than conventional methods. They distribute water close to individual plants, so water goes only where it’s needed. There’s so many attachments to choose from to make this system work for you. Imagine enjoying your BBQ steak dinner outdoors while you’re watering your gardens at the same time! And YES we install them! Please visit http://www.donofalltrades.ca for more information on our services or call to book your complimentary assessment at 905-259-5249.


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