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Exterior Painting-Getting Ready To List Your Home

If you are considering selling your home there are few  home improvement projects that have as great an impact as a new coat of exterior paint on your home.  Modifying or at the very  least,  refreshing the exterior paint on your home completely revitalize the look of your home and makes it more attractive to potential buyers.

It’s the first thing buyers notice when viewing a home and exterior paint also…

  • adds value
  • is attractive to a buyer
  • painting is a relatively inexpensive repair that goes a long way
  • fresh coat of paint goes a long way with buyers
  • paint and flooring are 2 areas that buyers highly evaluate when home shopping


Getting this house ready to list.


Fresh paint adds curb-appeal. Even if your home is well-taken care of,  chipped paint and a not so well-taken care of exterior could give potential buyers the illusion that the interior / structure is not well taken care of and scare people away.

pic 7

That being said, if you’re planning to put your house on the market in the near future, you’ll also want to consider which shades will attract the broadest range of buyers.

Exterior Painting- Getting Ready to list.
Exterior painting Getting Ready to list.

pic 6

You want a look that is warm and inviting.


Exterior Painting-Getting Ready To List
Exterior Painting-Getting Ready To List

pic 5 pic 8

Our clients chose these exterior paint colours and what a difference it made. It gave their home a new look that is charming and inviting.

If you are interested in upgrading the look and value of your home in the Durham Region and greater Toronto area,  call Don of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services at 905-259-5249 today for more information and request a free on-site estimate.

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Project- Door Installation By Don Of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services

picmonkey 4


It always makes me chuckle when a client that has never installed a door believes that ” A Door Is Just A Door Right?” “It should be a breeze and shouldn’t take long at all.” I am here to tell you, yes it should be a breeze  but in a lot of cases, it’s not that simple.


This door install was a challenge but at the end of the day, it got done with fantastic results!

pic monkey 1

For this project, the original front door including the storm door and brick molding was removed. The original framing around the door was also removed because the home  owner  ordered  a new door with  brick to brick measurement’s . Interesting fact: when the homeowner originally took measurements for the new door, what he received was a brand new beautiful front door that was 3 1/2 inches too short.

Tip: If you’re thinking of replacing a door in  your home and you feel uncomfortable about taking the measurements, have the installer come and take them for  you. In most cases this cost is included in the purchase price of the door. This saves you TIME, MONEY and  AGRIVATION.


picmonkey 2

So here’s a perfect example of trouble shooting skills that  saves the day.

Due to the fact the door was 3 1/2 inches to short, we had to build out the frame to make it fit. The new door was put in the  opening and shimmed in order for it to stay in place.


picmonkey 3

Next we leveled and plumed the door making sure that it was square. Once this part of the process was completed, we then moved forward with installing all the hardware  and did a test  by opening and closing the door to make sure it worked  correctly.


Next step, we installed the brick molding on the exterior of the door. Exterior caulk was added and applied all around the brick mold and checking that all gaps were properly sealed.

picmonkey 4

In this case, we didn’t have to apply the low expansion spray foam or interior and the homeowner was going to do this part himself.


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Project- Laundry Room Clean Up By: Don Of All Trades

At Don of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services, we understand not all projects are the same. Every client has their own needs and budgets that suite their purpose. Weather it’s an entire #kitchen #remodel, #bathroom #upgrade, #painting, #carpentry, #deck #installation, or something more simple as a clean up of a #laundry #room as shown in the photos below, every project is unique.


We were hired by a client who wanted their laundry room cleaned up and designed to be more functional. In the past they had a leak and had it repaired. They were worried about mold behind one wall so I opened the wall up and thankfully there was no mold from the previous water damage. I insulated, put vapour barrier and closed the wall back up and re dry walled. Along with #installing new #baseboard #trim, moving the #washer and #dryer, I refinished the #concrete  #floor. At the end of the day, this laundry room was definitely cleaned up and more functional and our clients were very happy!


Laundry Room Floor Cement Finishing


cement floor 11

cement floor 8

cement floor 7

cement floor 9


cement floor 5

cement floor 4

cement floor 1

cement floor 11




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For more information or to post a comment : please visit our links below:

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Crown Moulding Can Add Character and Elegance To Your Home

wainscoting 1

Adding crown moulding to your home can increase its value as well as a being a beautiful feature to showcase your own unique style. Crown molding can inexpensively furnish you with decorative ideas and plans that will give you the look you have wanted at a price that equates to craftsmanship.

Crown Moulding will add style and substance to your home. It acts as a beautiful accent to your favorite room, staircase, baseboard  or to your entire house.


Decorative Crown Mouldings Options:

  • Wainscoting-there are many styles to choose from, so there`s something to match everyone`s tastes
  • Baseboards-stained or painted, elegant or plain, there are numerous choices
  • Doors-Solid or hollow core, painted or stained, upgrades are simple and easy
  • Fireplace Mantels-exotic or elegant-furniture on your wall
  • Custom Built Cabinets-kitchen or bathroom-great upgrades
  • Door Trim-little changes, big results

Window Trim tired of shutters-lots of choices, painted or stained

basement fireplace

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