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Announcing the Launch of Our Newly Renovated Website

It’s a new year and our team is  excited to announce the launch of our Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance Service’s newly designed website – www.donofalltrades.ca.

Our goal with this newly designed website is to create a more user-friendly browsing experience for our trusted and valued customers and business partners.

Recently, on our  website site we have added:

Website Security

We have improved our website security with HTTPS data encryption protection — it ensures a private connection between our company website and our site visitors.

Project Photo Gallery

Now you can view photos of previous upgrades and renovations we have completed.

Our Blog Articles

Get useful tips including ideas and how-to guides for interior and exterior home improvement projects.

Updated Service Pages

We’ve made it easier for people visiting our website to view what services we provide.


We have added new videos to our website!

Promotions Page

Looking to Save Money? Visit our Promotions Page and check out our special offers on kitchen back-splash and flooring installations including affordable Handy Man Packages that fit your budget!

Community Board Page

Our community page is one of our favorite pages we’ve made changes to. This page has been completely redesigned including more in-depth information about our Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope Program, Friends Who Have Donated A Helping Hand, Our Memories of Giving Back Videos over the years and so much more!

Events Page

This is a very special page with a lot of meaning to our team here at Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services. We have made it easier for our visitors to view, learn and read about Our Events & Contributions Made to the Community over the years with new editions including photo galleries and videos.

We hope you enjoy our new uncluttered design that is easy to navigate, and more user-friendly. We are sure that in the new website you will find all the information that you need.

If you would like to share your feedback about your experience with the new website, please leave a comment below.

Replacing Worn Weather Stripping Around Doors

drafty doors

Drafts through your front doors don’t  seem as much of a problem in the summer months, but the truth is it can be.  If your weather strip allows a ¼” opening around a door, it’s like a hole in the wall that is 4” x 4”.  Drafts don’t seem as noticeable  the summer months  because the  air flows from cold to warm which is why it’s more noticeable in the winter season.

On that note,  the best course of action would be  replace the weather strip on your door. You can do this by going to your local building supply company and purchase a weather strip that is  similar to what is currently on your door.  If you don’t see one that is similar just buy a “universal” type and install it on the door frame.  Every little bit of money saved on the Electricity Bill is a good thing and you may be pleasantly surprised next summer when you notice a difference of savings  in your electricity  bill since your doors will seal better!

Lift the door by the doorknob. If it appears to moves upwards easily  then tighten the screws of the top door hinge. If the door is so worn that the hinge screws no longer bite, remove the screws, glue wooden plugs into the holes, and drive the screws back into place.

Run your hand around the perimeter of the door when it’s closed. If you feel a draft  then the weather-stripping has likely cracked or warped and needs replacement. If there is no weather-stripping, you’ll need to add some.

To replace it, open the door and slide out the old weather-stripping. Purchase a replacement kit with vinyl or foam that matches the existing weather stripping and slide new weather-stripping into the grooves in the door or the surrounding frame.

This may be difficult but try to  find new weather-stripping that exactly matches in profile. Try to identify the door manufacturer or vendor by checking the door and frame for a label, and contact either to see if they can provide replacement stripping. Alternatively, you can find replacement weather strip products at your local home improvement center.

If you have an old door without weather-stripping, or a door that you can’t find matching weather-stripping for, you can add or replace it using a weather-stripping kit that’s readily available at most home centers.

These kits include various types of weather-stripping, including bronze, wood or metal flanges wrapped with foam, and metal flanges lined with vinyl or silicone bulbs. The kits contain two side strips, a top strip, and fasteners. Consult with the store experts before choosing. They may refer you to a catalog to order the type that you’ll need.

Once  you’ve purchased the appropriate kit, close the door and measure the top of the exterior frame from side to side. Measure and mark the length on the short section of the weather stripping and cut the foam or vinyl part of the strip with a utility knife or scissors and the metal or wood with a hacksaw.

Starting at the top, place the stripping along the exterior of the door against the jamb with the foam or vinyl against the door, compressing slightly but not too much or the door won’t latch when you close it. Then nail or screw in place, positioning the nails or screws about 2 inches in from each end (to avoid splitting), and spacing the others about 12 inches apart.

Measure and cut the side strips with coped cuts (where one piece is cut square and the other piece is cut to fit over it) at one end of each to make a clean, tight joint at the top. Use a scrap to trace the line. Cut the foam with a scissors, and cut the metal or wood section of the profile with a coping saw. Make the coped cut first, leaving extra length for the bottom cut. Then cut the bottoms. File or sand the cuts for a smooth fit.

Make sure that the weather-stripping fits snugly all around and that the door shuts and latches easily before you drive the nails in. For small adjustments, pull the nails and start them in a new spot. If you’re using metal weather-stripping, loosen the screws to adjust. If you use a wooden flange, paint or stain it to match the door.

You’ll also want to add a door sweep if possible. To determine if you need one, close the door and look for light coming through or feel for a draft. If you see a lot of light or feel a draft, install a new door sweep. If you see light or feel a draft, you should add a sweep. If the floor or carpet is even with or higher than your threshold, you can’t add a sweep.

If you can add a sweep, consider an easy-to-install face-mount door sweep with a flexible vinyl flap. Measure the width of the door from inside and mark the length on the sweep and cut it, using a scissors or utility knife for the vinyl and a hacksaw for the metal part. Hold the sweep in place allowing the flexible portion to lightly touch the threshold. Mark the screw positions, drill pilot holes with a 3/32-inch drill bit, and then screw in place onto the inside face of the door.

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