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Get Your Home Organized With These 4 Spring Cleaning Tips-Don of all Trades


It’s Time to Get Your Home Organized 

Spring is the time of year when everything in nature is changing and promising new life and new hope.  After the long, dark, winter months, spring is literally a breath of fresh air. It’s no wonder we get inspired to carry the freshness of this season into our homes. Spring cleaning is the perfect way to get organized and make your home as lovely as the season itself. Finding the right solution for organizing your home can make such a difference in the appearance and functionality of your home. Below are 4 organizing solutions that can help you clean, organize and rejuvenate you home.


The decluttering process, for some people, can be on the most stressful first steps in the process organization because they are unsure of where to start and what to get rid of. RELAX AND BREATHE.  Just take it ONE ROOM at a time. There’s no need to worry about trying to get the entire house done it one day. It’s better to take your time and get it all done right then to rush through the process and to end up with unnecessary clutter in your home. This is one of the most important steps in getting organized because it will free up so much extra space in your home. So how do you decide of what to get rid of?  A good rule of thumb is to keep this in mind to go by is this :IF YOU DON’T LOVE IT AND YOU DON’T USE IT, THEN IT’S CLUTTER!  Don’t be afraid to get merciless with this process. The more you declutter the less you will have to clean and the more balanced both mentally and physically your life will be. Discarding and recycling unwanted items will give you so much more space to get neat and organized.


One of the biggest reasons our homes get out of control with clutter is because we do not have designated places for all our items.  Giving your items a “home” is the best way to get organized and keep it that way. Choosing storage solutions like affordable plastic containers are fantastic because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Wide flat containers are an excellent choice to be used for storing seasonal clothing under a bed. Stack containers in closets for storing shoes and accessories. Use smaller containers to organize the contents in drawers such as pens, note pads, small toys, etc.  Grab a few glass jars and chalk and you now have an adorable way to organize your kitchen pantry. Finally, use hooks wherever needed. Hooks are great in closets to house jewelry and are also perfect in laundry rooms for hanging brooms, mops and ironing boards.


Consider adding shelves as this is a great way to provide storage in just about any room. Consider the option of using decorative shelving with hooks and pegs in your kitchen for storing mugs, pots and pans or cooking utensils. Add some shelving to a living room to make extra space for books, pictures and other decorative items. And don’t forget that closets could always use a little more space for storage. By simply adding shelving to closets, there is now a designated space to make room for those bulky sweaters, bags, shoes and other personal items.


At times we get so caught up in looking after organizing the inside of the home at we neglect the outside like the garage for example. The garage doesn’t have to be a designated space for parking only. Putting in the time and effort to organize your garage will open up so much great valuable space for storage. Utilize the same concept of organizing the inside of your home for your garage space as well.  Decluttering, using labeled containers, and adding hooks and shelving can turn a garage into a perfectly organized storage space.  Use hooks for hanging jackets, bags, and muddy boots.

It’s time to get organized and there is no better time than spring.  If you follow these helpful tips, your home will feel as fresh as this beautiful spring weather.  You will be ready to sit back, sip some lemonade, and enjoy the season.


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Less Is More-Get Rid of Your Clutter and Live Better with Don of all Trades

Photo credit of Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services

It’s a reality that a lot of us don’t want to admit but I truly believe that we have become a culture drowning on our own possessions. We are quick to take in more and more  (holiday, birthday, sales needs), but we  keep putting off  the time  and energy needed  to get rid of it.

As a result, we fill our homes up with more and more “stuff”.  So in order to try and manage these possessions, we have convinced ourselves into believing the best solution is to seek out organization tools to manage all of it.

So what do we do?  We go out and buy bigger containers or look up on line for more efficient organizational tips and tricks. When it comes down to it, organizing our possessions is just  simply  a temporary solution that  in a nutshell is an action that must be repeated over and over again with time.

A simple way to define organizing? It’s  the act of rearranging.  Let’s face it, we are always on the look out  to find more storage solutions to organize our “stuff”. I know I don’t have time to constantly go out and find new storage solutions. Do you? Additionally, organizing our “stuff” (without removing it) has some other major consequences that are rarely considered:

  • It doesn’t benefit anyone else.  The possession we don’t use just sit on shelves in our attics, garages and basements…even when we know that some of our closest friends and family members could desperately use them.
  • It’s not a solution to our debt problemsWe often don’t want to admit to anyone else or ourselves for that matter that there us an underlying issue that we just buy too much stuff. It doesn’t help when we go out of our way to purchase containers, rent storage units, or even buy a larger home to house it all in when it comes to rearranging out processions.
  • It doesn’t change our desire for more.  All that hard work and effort we put forth by organizing our things into plastic bins, boxes and closets doesn’t change the mindset we have and the desire to purchase more things.
  • It stops us from evaluating our livesWhile the act of rearranging our stuff might cause us to look at each of our possessions, it doesn’t make us stop and truly evaluate them-even more so if we are just placing them into boxes and closing the lids. However, when we consider removing possessions from our home, things start to get a little more serious as the questions of passion, value and what’s truly more important to us start to run through our minds.
  • It doesn’t help clear the path to moving  forward. We all know the “good” feeling both  physically and mentally we get  when we spend weeks organizing rooms in our homes. When you finally take a step back and look at how the room as been cleared and appears to look larger and more clutter free and all your processions now have a  dedicated spot to be stored in. Looks great right? But for how long?   How long before we have to do it all over again?  We make up excuses to keep our processions like- “our house is too small”, or “we don’t make enough money” and “we still can’t find enough time in the day.” Sound familiar? We may have rearranged our stuff…but not the path to move forward in our lives.

Less Is More-Get Rid of Your Clutter and Live Better!

The beneficial part  about the act of physically removing pocessions from our homes helps accomplish us to clear our minds, move forward and just live happier and a healthier life. And the best part of all is that it’s a permanent solution!

On the other hand, the act of removing possessions from our home accomplishes many of those purposes. It is not a temporary solution that must be repeated. It is an action of permanence—once an item has been removed, it is removed completely. Whether we re-sell our possessions, donate them to charity, or give them to a friend, they are immediately put to use by those who need them.

When moving forward with the process of  removing our possessions, it also begins to turn back our desire for more as we find happiness, freedom and an abundance of owning less. And when we remove ourselves from the all-consuming desire to  own more, this enables the opportunity for significant life changes to take place.

As  you move forward to get your home and life organized, challenge yourself to remove the unneeded items in your home.  Rid yourself of the extra weight in a permanent matter.  Carry a garbage bag from room-to-room. See how big of a donation pile you can make. Or help eliminate some-if not all- debt by selling them. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter so much how you remove them, as long as you do.  It’s so much better to de-own than declutter. 

To make a significant change in slowing down the accumulation of things in our homes, we really have to be honest with ourselves and change our mindsets and evaluating our purchases differently. Always keeping in mind that your purchase cost will go  far more than the price on the tag. Each one will also require time, energy and an effort once they enter your home. Before making a purchase, begin asking yourself the following questions below.

  • Is this an item that is really needed?
  • Am I buying this item for the right reasons?
  • Is this new possession going to add more extra work to my life?
  • Is there a place to store this item once I bring it home?

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Don Of All Trades is Giving Back to the Community

Please donate to our Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope Project!

Every gift is a gift of hope. Your donations make a difference in the lives of women and children who are survivors of violence and abuse that are provided with a place of safety, support and hope at Herizon House women’s shelter.

You can help improve the lives of abused women and children in the  community. Please visit www.donofalltrades.ca community page to find out how you can make a difference.

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Is A “Free Estimate” Really FREE????

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There’s a ton of businesses out there that provide their potential clients a “Free Estimate” or “Free Quote” in order to earn that clients business. These types of services put the client in a powerful position and gives them much variety on who to use for their services BEFORE they buy! It’s a good thing as a consumer to get out there and get as many quotes as you feel  comfortable with before you plan to use these services in your home or business. Sometimes these free estimates may be too high or too low. Some “Inflated” estimates are just that,  “Inflated” and low estimates may just be too good to be true when you get the invoice for added expenses that weren’t included in that price once the project is finished.   So how do you know which estimate  to use?

Being in the home renovation industry, I can tell you my clients do get free estimates yes, but estimates in reality are not really free. My time is money but I am willing to invest and educate  myself and my clients  with what is to be involved in their project to the best of my ability, and to better build a trusting relationship and to give them the best price for them. From, my experience these are the concerns and direction as to what’s involved in my Free Estimates;

–  Booking the time to meet a client

– Going to their home or business involves  gas, time and kilometers on vehicle

– Spending as much time together with a client during personal one consultation

– Understanding, Communicating and recording what exactly what the client needs and expectations are

– Assessing the project to be done. Example- Bathroom renovation: Any water damage, mold, or structural issues with floor, walls, etc. issues  that can be seen externally?

– Sometimes, a room looks great on the outside but once you start pulling tiles off to be replaced, there more issues that you find that you didn’t even know existed which extends your budget, time and scope of the project

– Going out and finding what materials are going to cost and  doing your research at the best price for your customer

– Figuring out a date when project is to begin and to be  completed by.

– Creating a contract between  client and business

And the list goes on and on. So as you can see. From a business prospective, a Free Estimate for us as a business is not really free but again it’s the cost of doing business and great for your potential client and it shows that your honest, experienced, knowledgeable, organized and have a mutual understanding between you and your client as far as what is to be involved into to project from start to finish.

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