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Sneak Peak of Don’s Personal Spice Garden

photo 5


The May 24 weekend has come and gone. Along with other’s I have been working on cleaning up my yard over the last 3 weeks and taking advantage the warm weather we have had this month. Every year I purchase my vegetable plants from Vandermeer’s Nursery & Garden Centre a local business here in Durham Region. Vandermeer’s has been around since 1976 and I love their story and their huge selection of plants, knowledge and customer service.

“Peter Vandermeer sold his share of his greenhouse business in Holland and emigrated to Canada in 1974 with his wife and daughter. Two years later, he purchased 5 acres in Niagara on the Lake and started building.

He began growing commercial chrysanthemums under contract, but this was not working out to his satisfaction, so he changed over to spray chrysanthemums. Eventually he started selling directly to wholesalers, which now make up 95% of our customer base.” to read more about Peter Vandermeer’s story and to find their location please  check out:    http://www.vandermeergreenhouses.ca/.


Years ago, a friend of mine was  in the process of reconstructing a retaining wall at his home. I took the opportunity to take home some of that retaining wall and build a raised spice garden in my yard. Let me tell you, these blocks were heavy but well worth the hard work! I came up with a simple design with what materials I had to work with and below has been my end result. I absolutely love it!


I have planted my assortment of fresh basil, thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, chives, parsley and many more! Here’s a glimpse of my spice garden. Hope you enjoy!



photo 1


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photo 5



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