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Natural Stone Backsplash- 8 Installation Tips-Don of All Trades

When remodeling a kitchen consider a Back Splash as part of your upgrades. Back splashes are a durable wall covering that protects your walls from water resulting in stains and molds. A kitchen is a high traffic area where most food preparation is made and is most likely to come into contact with water and greasy foods spatters.

You can enhance any floor or wall installation with these exquisite 12×14 mesh mounted marble mosaics  with the immanent natural shading of these classic stones.

Manufactures Recommended Applications:

  • Back splashes
  • Shower floors and walls
  • Appropriate for all residential  floor and wall applications
  • Light commercial floors

Don of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services recently installed this beautiful Sassi brand Bianco Polished Brick Mosaics  kitchen back splash . The results were and spectacular not to mention this natural stone is an interesting product to work with.

If you are planning on a DIY project,  we have provided 8 valuable tips to help you with your Bianco Polished Brick Mosaics Kitchen Back Splash installation including before and after photos to help you get the maximum results.


Bianco Polished Brick Mosaics-Don Of All Trades
Handy Tip Number 1

This is a natural stone product. The shade and colours will vary within cartons.

Handy Tip Number 2
Mix tiles from different cases to ensure optimal blending and install with mortar thin-set or tile adhesive.
 Handy Tip Number 3
 When installing natural marble keep in mind that the stone is very soft and when you cut the stone be mindful that at the end of the cut you have the possibility of breaking the stone. We recommend using a scrap piece of stone tile behind the tile that is being cut to stabilize the cutting blade and reduce tile breakage.
Premium Stone Backsplash-Don of All Trades
Premium Stone Backsplash-Don of All Trades
  Handy Tip Number 4


When installing 12×12 sheet tile it is very important to use the proper v-notch trowel when applying the tile adhesive.  By applying too much adhesive and you will run into all sorts of problems with tile slippage and the adhesive squeezing out of the grout joints. Always follow manufactures recommendation on trowel size.
 Bianco Polished Brick Mosaics-Don Of All Trades
 Handy Tip Number 5
When installing natural stone marble keep in mind that this type of stone is very heavy and you will need to use the proper mastic. All tile adhesive are not created equal. You will want to find a tile adhesive that is specified for use on natural stone. One that has a high bond strength and that will not sag is recommended. Ask your supplier what they carry and what’s best for your application.
Bianco Polished Brick Mosaics-Don Of All Trades
  Handy Tip Number 6
All natural stone needs to be sealed prior to grouting. Natural stone is very pores and will absorb the grout colour and hide the natural features of the stone. Not to mention it could ruin the job by giving an undesired look.  A premium penetrating sealer that can  enhance the features of the natural stone is recommended.
 Handy Tip Number 7

When picking a grout try to find one that complements all the colours that are in your natural stone. Typically when installing natural stone you want to use a non sanded grout.

Reasons for choosing non sanded are as follows:

Number 1:

Natural stone scratches very easily and you don’t want to damage the finish on the stone with the sand.

Number 2:

The second reason is these grout joints were less than 3 millimeters and it would be difficult to put sanded grout in such small joints.

 Handy Tip Number 8
 Maintenance and care. Wipe sealed stone with a damp cloth. Only use cleaners specifically designed for natural stone.
Once you kitchen back splash project is complete, natural stone will give beauty and durability and should last a lifetime with proper maintenance.
 Bianco Polished Brick Mosaics - Don Of All Trades Bianco Polished Brick Mosaics-Don Of All Trades pkm-9

 Kinds words from our client…

Don did a fantastic job on our backsplash. He came to our home and provided a quote and was able to do the backsplash the following week. He pays great attention to details. He was willing to come on multiple days in order to ensure that our stone was properly sealed, and grouted. The finished product is more than I could have even expected. He was very professional and just a wonderful person to do business with. We will certainly contact Don again when we do future renovations!

Ryan-Whitby, Ontario

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Glass & Stone Mosiac Kitchen Backsplash Tile Install By: Don Of All Trades

photo 2

Photos courtesy  Don Of All Trades

There’s nothing more exciting than adding  upgrades to your home like this Glass and Stone Mosaic Kitchen Backslash install our team at Don Of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services recently completed for our client.  These home owners picked their own choice of colour and style of tile. I have to say, the end result is SPECTACULAR!

photo 5

Product:  Glass and Stone Mosaic Wall Tiles

Up for a DIY challenge? Here’s some important steps to remember BEFORE you start the installation process.

Important Information To Remember

  • Make sure the surface is level and clean prior to installation.
  • If applying mosaic tile on gypsum, it is important to apply a coat of primer prior to beginning your mosaic wall tile installation.
  • Always check all the purchased boxes of tiles before starting. I have been in situations where clients thought what they purchased was all the same tile when in fact what they brought home was 3 different types of tile.  This step saves everyone involved  a lot of time and aggravation.
  • Inspect each tile prior to installation.
  • When installing tiles, mix and match tiles from different cartons for a natural look.
  • If you are installing mosaic wall tiles in a shower, it is necessary to install a waterproof membrane.
  • Install any trim or profile strips before installing the mosaic wall tile.
  • Modified thin-sets are generally appropriate for mosaic wall tile installations. Pre-mixed thin-sets are not appropriate for bathroom installations, and should not be used for mosaics featuring glass wall tiles.
  • Follow all manufacturer’s instructions when applying modified thin-set and grout.

photo 4

Photos courtesy  Don Of All Trades

So Here’s What We Did

  1. First step was to come up with a plan of where these tiles were going to be placed on the walls.

With the plan in place, we began our kitchen back-splash install by adding the first tile in the closest centre point of the wall, keeping in mind that the last tiles in each row would be wider than half a tile.

Tip: Always stop and check to make sure your tiles are level.

photo 3

Photos courtesy  Don Of All Trades

There were some moments in this installation process where we had to cut a mosaic tile sheet from the back with a utility knife. With this type of tile, a wet saw with a  diamond blade was used to cut through the tiles.

photo 04

Photos courtesy  Don Of All Trades

Setting material was  applied to substrate while using the notched side of a V-Notched trowel. Using the flat side of trowel, we smoothed out all ridges to achieve a consistent, even (1/8 inch) coverage.

Now comes the fun part!

We applied glass  mosaic sheets, mesh-side down, firmly into the freshly spread setting material while mixing and matching from assorted sell units to achieve a consistent variation. Using a rubber float to gently press the tile into the adhesive to ensure  a complete contact. Spacers where also used to maintain a set distance between the mosaic tile sheets.

photo 4

Photos courtesy  Don Of All Trades

We marked measurement marks on the back of the sheets of tile in order to install the mosaic tile around  the light fixtures and electrical sockets.  Once the tiles where in place, we then measured the gaps around the sockets and used leftover pieces to fill in the gaps.

Spacers were removed once the adhesive had set.  Tiles were wiped with a clean sponge to remove any residual adhesive.

A premium penetrating sealer is recommended for a natural look referred by the manufacturers instructions  and was applied onto the stone only.

photo 05

Photos courtesy  Don Of All Trades

After 24 hours, a mix of non-sanded tile grout was applied with a rubber float. Afterwards, the grout was evened out by wiping the tile with a wet sponge in a circular motion. Residual grout was cleaned with a clean sponge within 5-10 minutes of grout application.

After 12 hours, any remaining haze was polished off using a dry cloth.


finished backsplash 16

Glass and Stone  mosaics have been used to beautify buildings and homes for centuries. They can be incorporated into many designs to produce a stunning result.

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