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Marble Mosaics Tile-Don Of All Trades

Marble Mosiac Tile -Don Of All Trades

Marble mosaic tiles will create a unique look to any home. These natural  stone tiles come in difference sizes and finishes to suit the effect you wish to create. Installing Mosaic tiles is a classic and elegant way to finish a backsplash, kitchen and bathroom application. Give your bathroom floor a unique, contemporary look by installing Marble Mosaic Tile. Express your style with marble tile borders and accents.

Marble Mosaics Tile-Don Of All Trades

Some helpful information on the flooring product used in this project below:
 Novecento Marble Mosaics

Product description:

White Hexagon Mosaic


Application– Floor/Walls/Backsplash

Sizes-1 1/8 Hexagon-mesh mounted on 12″x12″

Cut tile into desired sizes

Important Information to Know

The character of the product creates a degree of variation in shade, colour, tone and the size of each piece.

Care Instructions:

Use appropriate tile and grout cleaner

Don Of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services was recently hired to on work this project involving the removal of the existing powder room floor and replacing it with Novecento brand Marble Mosaics.

Marble Mosiacs Tile-Don Of All Trades

Handy Tip Number 1

Be sure to wear safety glasses because there is going to be a lot of broken tile bits flying everywhere.

Marble Tile Mosiacs-Don Of All Trades

We started by removing the baseboard, sink and toilet. We then proceeded  to remove the porcelain tile on the floor. We chose to start in one corner and worked our way across the floor. The original  diamond lath that was under the tile was also removed and we  and continued right down to the sub floor.

Marble Mosaics Tile-Don Of All Trades

Marble Mosaics Tile-Don Of All Trades

We began the rebuild by screwing down the chipboard  and installing diamond lath and stapled it to the sub-floor. Next,  a scratch coat mortar was applied  to the diamond lath making sure that the end result was a base that was as level as possible.

Handy Tip Number 2

If you don’t have the skill set to apply scratch coat mortar evenly, another  option would be  to install cement board over the subfloor. It will save a lot of headache when you install the flooring on a level surface.

Marble Tile Mosiacs-Don Of All Trades

Handy Tip Number 3

When dealing with natural stone you always have to seal prior to grouting so that the natural stone does not absorb the colour of the grout.

Marble Mosaics Tile-Don Of All Trades

Once this process was completed we installed the Marble Mosaics tile without any issues. This floor was level and are happy to mention that we did not experience any uneven tile setting. With this type of tile, you cannot build up your floor  with mortar to compensate for an uneven surface. If you try to do this you could run into all sorts of problems with uneven tile and mortar squeezing out between the grout joints.

Marble Mosaics Tile-Don Of All Trades   Marble Mosiac Tile -Don Of All Trades

Marble Mosaics Tile-Don Of All Trades   Marble Mosaics-Don Of All Trades

Marble Mosaics Tile-Don of All Trades   Pic 61

Once the marble mosaics tile had a day to set up, we then grouted the floor. Because this floor product is a natural stone, we applied an un-sanded grout and didn’t want to scratch the finish and keeping in mind that these grout joints were less that 4 millimeters.

The end result, spectacular! We absolutely love this marble mosaics tile flooring. Don of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services is looking forward to completing more flooring projects like this in the future!


Kind words from our clients…

Thanks so much Don, awesome job!! Will def be recommending you to friends and family.

Safe travels,

Carly and Kyle

Bowmanville, Ontario


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#Ceramic #Tile  is a popular flooring  choice for today’s homes.  #Ceramic #Tile is extremely  durable,  relatively  easy to clean with low maintenance  and gives a room an upscale and unique attractive look. Ceramic tile is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colours, prices and  can match almost any decorating style. This type of flooring can add value and appeal to any home.   There are floor tiles to suit every use, every taste, and every pocketbook.

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Stone flooring has a long history of existence and are just as beautiful today with a multitude of varieties and price rages for anyone who is looking to use these products for their next home project.  . Today, stone floors create a feeling of luxury. They can create of mood of great formality or relaxed informality, depending on the type of stone. Generally, marble floors are the most formal and flagstone floors are the most informal. The natural variation in color and pattern make stone floor tiles very beautiful, and they are very durable as well.
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Whatever type of flooring you choose for your next residential or business remodel, the end results are going to be incredible. These products bring a room to life with its beauty, individuality, and custom designs and will continue to bring you joy for years to come.

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