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High Impact- High-Style Way To Add Beauty And Value To Your Home



Recently I was in my local hardware store and I came across a product display of Peel & Stick Metal Tile by a company called Aspect. Well, I’m always on the look out for new products for our clients and I just had to share. This product gives off a high impact, high-style way to add beauty and  value to your home.

If you’re looking into upgrading your kitchen or bathroom with a product that’s clean, affordable and well,  on a mission to complete a Do It Yourself project or are considering  hiring a local home improvement company to install them for you, well here is Peel & Stick Metal Tile project that might be right for you!  Aspect Peel & Stick Metal Tiles come in varies finishes such as Champagne, Stainless Steel, Bronze and Copper. As well they come in a long grain and short grain direction.

You can achieve that high impact, modern look of metal at a fraction of the cost. Choose from many styles, shapes and colours to suit your every mood. Aspect Peel and Stick Metal Tiles are Eco-Friendly and manufactured from 50% recycled materials and 100% recyclable. So what’s your style? To find out more visit Aspect Peel & Stick Metal Tile’s Website at:  www.aspectideas.com.



Summary of Installation According The Instructions:

Plan and Prep

With so many tile patters to choose from, choose the design that best fits your style and decor. Prepare and prime the surface you’re applying tile on. This product can be installed over most structurally sound substances if they are clean, smooth, dry and free of dust, wax and grease.

Layout & Measurements

All area to be covered must be measured. Lay out the entire project on a flat surface, like a table or the floor, before installing the tiles to be sure you have enough tiles and your design correct. Using a chalk line, create at least two reference lines to guide tile placement.


Peel and Stick & Enjoy!

“Dry Fit” Tile against the wall exactly where it will be placed. Once stuck, it stays stuck.

Remove the backing from the tile to expose the adhesive, and align the tile where you want it and press into place.

Firmly press the tile over its entire surface area to be sure it adheres properly. Install remaining tiles in the same fashion as above.


According to the labelled instructions: Minimal Tools Required

–  Measuring Tape

–  Straight Edge

–  Pencil or Other Non-Permanent Marker


If Cutting Tiles Tools Required:

– An Electric Jigsaw is recommended

– A Hacksaw, miter saw, or sharp utility knife will also work

–  Fine-grit sandpaper (400-600 grit)

DIY Aspect Backsplash Tile Installation Video



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Value Of Referrals

i love reerrals

re•fer•ral:    “a person referred or recommended to someone or for something”   definition by: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/referral.



In any business Communication Is Key. Again, this moment begins as soon as I meet with my clients personally for the first time at their pre booked “Free  One on One Consultation”. As I am in the business of home improvements and maintenance service, miss communication can be a costly expense for both my business and my client. I take the extra time to listen, understand, do the  research and work out a resolution to  make the experience not only a successful one but also a memorable one for both of us. Keeping clients up to date with how a project is coming along is also a good thing. Think of it this way, renovations can be a  temporary life disrupting time. You are there doing drywall work, making the least amount of mess as possible in the kitchen, while mom the clean freak is trying to get dinner ready for the kids before you take them soccer practice. You are actually part of their personal life, in their home and are in the way. It’s stressful enough for both of you and this is  why communication is so important.   Listen to their concerns, questions and issues about what the plan is in their home. Building a professional relationship with your client will go a long way. Get to know them. Let them know that they can contact you with any other questions or concerns in future. Your services shouldn’t just end because the job is done. Your client may require more services or know someone who does in the future. Guess who they’re going to call?




Every project I come across is unique and individual with its own set of challenges, problem solving, completion deadlines and unexpected surprises. I take extra steps to communicate with my clients to make sure they are satisfied from the moment I meet with them at a “free one on one consultation” to the end of the finished project. I encourage our clients to inform us on how the  Don Of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services experience was for them and how we can improve. It’s important to get your clients involved in the entire process. Bottom line is they are paying for it.

job well done


If you are a business owner then you can understand and appreciate the value of  referrals. As a I am in the field of renovations and home improvements here in the Durham Region, my finished product represents my company. I cannot stress enough how a “JOB WELL  DONE” with my clients  will go beyond the finished project. A happy customer will do the advertising for you. Beware: A dissatisfied customer will also do advertising for you if their experience with your services or product did not meet their standards and will have no problems telling their friends and family members NOT to consider using your services from bad personal experiences

word of mouth

Word of Mouth is a “Good Thing”. Happy clients will do free advertising for you! People that have had a great experience with a service will want to let others know.  This is a good opportunity to ask your clients for Testimonials. Websites and social media are another form of word of mouth. If your clients are willing, ask them for comments so others can see.  Some neighbours are nosy and are always keeping an eye on what’s going on in the neighbourhood.  When they see your company vehicle in the driveway or sign posted on the lawn, chances are they will ask their neighbour what they got done and want to see the work.  There’s always someone who knows someone who needs something done in their home or apartment. Your clients will also call you back for more work to be done around the house. Treat your clients like Gold. Thank them often for choosing you for their services.  These people are your bosses and without them you wouldn’t be where you are today. Just remember to keep this in your mind-always!


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