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Front Porch Post Replacement




front post porch removal 8 pickmonkey

 I was hired recently to replace a damaged front porch post. This is another one of those instances where  you really don’t know how much damage is actually evident until I had completely dismantled it. As you will see, there was quite a bit of damage to the original post due to  moisture  and carpenter ants. Once the new post was in, I then gave the railings a nice coat of paint to give the a nice clean finished look.



front post porch removal picmonkey

This is the original damaged post I removed. I know it’s a little difficult to see in this photo but have a closer look at the damage on the top end of the post. Basically it crumbled instantly. Good thing my client decided to get the work done. If left unchecked, this post would have surely failed in supporting the roof.


front porch post reoval 16 pic monkey

The damage as shown in this photo, has been caused by the post being installed  directly on a concrete surface resulting in moisture being transferred from the concrete into the wooden post.  There was no moisture barrier  put in place to prevent this damage from occurring. When ever building,  wood should never come into contact with concrete without a moisture barrier put into place.  Not only was the post damaged my moisture, also a colony of carpenter ants decided to make a comfy home inside this post.




I put in place a jack post to temporarily   support the structure while I installed a new post.


front post porch removal 8 pickmonkey


The end result as you can see in this photo, is that I used an 8 ft. primed colonial porch post having a load bearing limit of 5,800 (lbs.) . The post also has a moisture barrier seal on the bottom. I also installed a quick mount elevated bracket. this bracket provides a ventilating moisture barrier between post and ground. By doing these two steps we will prevent water damage, increasing life of post by years.

Now don’t get me wrong, anything that you build doesn’t last forever. This just extents the life of the product.




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