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Gardens By: Don Of All Trades Tips-Part 2

danny working in garden 5


Woodchips are basically a medium sized material made up of cut or chipped larger pieces of wood.  A machine called a wood chipper is used for transforming large pieces of wood into smaller pieces. Wood chipping has a variety of uses. This product can be used in landscaping and garden mulch. It’s used for playground surfaces, mulch and in some places even fuel.  Woodchips is a great way to keep weeds under control, water conservation, prevention of soil erosion and supporting the germination of seeds.



Wood Chips  as shown in the figure above come in a multitude of colour, shapes and sizes.  Depending on what your next project requires, you can certainly bring any garden to life just by using this simple product. If you’re thinking of taking on the challenge of Dying Wood Chips yourself, here’s a great link that will take you step by step through the process. http://www.ehow.com/how_7726828_color-wood-chips.html

Personally, I like to purchase my woodchips from a local company called Durham Top Soil & Garden Supplies http://www.durhamtopsoil.com/ right here in the Durham  Region.

woodchip delivery 2

I choose shades of black in wood chips. I like the way it brings out the colour and beauty  of my plants.



wooschip delivery 4


You can save  some money by purchasing wood  chips and picking them up yourself from a garden centre  but I prefer to have them delivered due the large amounts my gardens require.

danny working in garden 5

If the weather isn’t cooperating. You can protect your woodchips by covering them with a large tarp until you are ready to begin working on transferring them into your gardens.

danny working in garden 2


danny working in garden 1


danny working in garden 4

I usually stick to the rule of putting a 3 inch layer of woodchips in my gardens.  This ensures that water will be retained, weeding will be kept to a minimum and a decent layer for plant protection is there to keep the plants warm in case of frost.  If you have a concern about  perennials below that haven’t come up or sprouted  yet, don’t. They should be fine. I haven’t had  any issues with my perennials.

danny working in garden 3

I love the way woodchips give off a character and curb appeal to any garden. It’s just another way to add a finish touch to your home or office. To me, wood chips are like a  base canvass for a multitude of colour and beauty that can be enjoyed and admired all summer long!


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Ever Wonder What Different Types Of Flooring Are Made Of ???

#Ceramic #Tile  is a popular flooring  choice for today’s homes.  #Ceramic #Tile is extremely  durable,  relatively  easy to clean with low maintenance  and gives a room an upscale and unique attractive look. Ceramic tile is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colours, prices and  can match almost any decorating style. This type of flooring can add value and appeal to any home.   There are floor tiles to suit every use, every taste, and every pocketbook.

Ever wonder how #ceramic tile is made??? Well here’s a video provided by: Quali  Piastrelle on #Ceramic Tile and How It’s Made


the stone galley.ca

Stone Flooring

Stone flooring has a long history of existence and are just as beautiful today with a multitude of varieties and price rages for anyone who is looking to use these products for their next home project.  . Today, stone floors create a feeling of luxury. They can create of mood of great formality or relaxed informality, depending on the type of stone. Generally, marble floors are the most formal and flagstone floors are the most informal. The natural variation in color and pattern make stone floor tiles very beautiful, and they are very durable as well.
terrazo tile
Terrazzo Flooring
Terrazzo  tiles are formed from marble or other stone chips embedded in concrete. The surface is polished to a high sheen. Terrazzo floor tiles are beautiful and easy to maintain.
terra cotta flooring
Terra Cotta Flooring
Clay has been used for floor tiles from ancient times. Today, the clay can be processed in a number of different ways, resulting in several categories of tile.
Terra cotta is clay that has been fired but not colored, the same material used for garden pots. It is usually left unglazed. The color can vary, due to variation in the mineral content of the soil, but usually has an orange cast. Terra cotta floor tiles absorb liquid, so they have to be treated before use indoors.
Whatever type of flooring you choose for your next residential or business remodel, the end results are going to be incredible. These products bring a room to life with its beauty, individuality, and custom designs and will continue to bring you joy for years to come.

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Educate Yourself! Ask Questions BEFORE You Hire A Company For Renovation Services

house photo questions

As an owner and operator here at Don Of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services, I would like to share a short list of questions commonly asked by my clients as well  as questions my clients should ask any contractors they choose to hire for their projects, whether its residential or commercial.

When planning any project weather it may be as simple as painting a room to an entire remodelling project,  I still find people don’t ask enough questions. Even with the HORROR STORIES you hear about on social media, television, radio and newspapers!   From my professional experience the 3 most commonly asked questions are  “How much is it going to  cost?”  “When can you start? and “When can you get it done by?”.

I  encourage my clients to ask me as many questions as they would like because yes Price, Timing and Finishing is just not enough to ask a contractor, handyman or renovator you may choose to hire for your project. In all seriousness, Timing may be  “everything” if you’re a comedian, but in  “real” world of renovations, this word does not always apply. Learn how to ask the right questions If you want to have a successful modeling project. How? Do research. You need to start asking the right questions.  Here’s some of the most common concerns and questions asked by my clients.

– When is my availability to start?

-When will the project be finished?

-What time of the day would I be at their residence or business every morning?

-What time would I quit for the day?

-Would I be coming to do the work everyday?

-Can I finish before Christmas, Easter, Thanks Giving, etc.

-How much do I charge per square foot?

These questions will not tell you much about any contractor but while a reasonable timetable is important, this shouldn’t be the primary focus at  an interview or a job and neither should the budget.  If you find a contractor that is reputable and trustworthy, the budget and timing will work itself out in the end. I would recommend focusing more on finding someone whom  you can trust and the quality of their work. 

Before you decide on hiring a company to do your project, make sure to do your homework. Ask the company about their business practices, and experiences  in similar home projects as yours. Once you choose a contractor you feel comfortable and confident with, then you can discuss when they can start, what time they can know on your door each morning and what time they will leave so you can have your house to yourself again.

Helpful questions to ask BEFORE signing a contract:

-How long have you been in business?

-Who will be the project supervisor?

-Who Will be working on my project? Are there subcontractors or employees?

-Does your company have workman’s compensation and liability insurance?

-How many projects such as mine have you done before?

-Would I be able to get a list of references of those of whom you’ve done the similar job as mine ?

-Can I get a copy of referrals?

A Final Note.  It’s not so important as  the answers you get but to look more into the answers you don’t get. Asking the right questions isn’t always enough, pay attention your instinct and what information is missing BEFORE you hire.

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Tips On Painting Inside Your Home

intererior house painting

Do it yourself interior painting is by far the most  affordable way to freshen up any  room in your home. The advantage of painting is that it’s not terribly  difficult and doesn’t require “military” training. All you need is  a little patience, practice, and some helpful advice.

These painting  tips can help even first time Do It Your Selfer’s  achieve professional  results. Follow  these tips and you’ll not only paint better, you’ll work faster and  neater, too.
It’s very important to take the time to properly prepare the walls and other surfaces BEFORE you start to paint. This means cleaning them with a solution of detergent and water, after which they should be rinsed and allowed to dry. If there are any cracks or holes in the walls, this is the time to repair them with spackle compound or a good-quality acrylic caulk.

Spend the extra money on the best tools that will give you the results you want, the first time you paint. Using  high quality brushes and rollers  will help you apply the paint more evenly to get professional looking results, even if this is your first time painting.

Be sure to use brushes and rollers with synthetic bristles and covers when applying latex paints. These brushes should  maintain the proper stiffness and the rollers will maintain their shape even when exposed to a lot of water.

I cannot stress enough to my clients about how important it is to purchase only top quality 100% acrylic latex interior paints. It’ll make every Do It Your Selfer’s job so much easier and give you the quality results you’re looking to achieve.

Bottom line is, if you’re going to spend time and effort doing your own interior painting, you’ll  want the job to last, and that’s where these paints really pay off. Top quality 100% acrylic latex paints are extremely durable, plus they resist fading, so your paint job will look great for years to come.

Taking on the challenge of doing it yourself interior painting can be such a rewarding experience.  You’ll  not only save money,  you’ll be amazed and  satisfied of a job well done!

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Don Of All Trades asks: What is most Important to You as a Customer, when planning on hiring a contractor for your home improvement needs?

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Getting the Exterior of your Home Ready for Winter


Just a few tips on how to keep your home’s exterior “winterize” for the upcoming winter months:

Things to do before the cold weather starts Outside the Home:

– Check the gutter systems outside your home. Be mindful for any broken or leaking gutters, and repair them as soon possible. Clear out any leaves and other debris that tend to collect over the summer and fall seasons. Doing this will reduce the risks of leaks and blockages during freezing weather.

– Insulate any water pipes in exposed places.

– Make sure the roof is in good condition. Check for loose or missing tiles and for any cracks in the chimney. If you’ve been putting off the task replacing the shingles over the last few years, well now’s a good time to get them replaced. Hire a professional roofing contractor to patch up any gaps and replace shingles.

– Central Air conditioning systems : Take a hose with the spray head set to “jet” or the highest pressure you have and clean the fan blades and condensing coils of clear of debris and dirt. Left unprotected the condensing unit can be damaged by wet leaves and debris that contribute to rusting and freezing of internal components. Although these units are designed for outdoor use, covering them with a breathable waterproof cover made for that purpose will extending the life and efficient performance of the unit.

– Exterior Faucets
Commonly Known as hose bibs or sill-cocks, the exterior faucet needs to have its water supply turned off inside the house, and you also need to drain water from it by opening up the exterior faucet. You may also want to consider an insulated cover for the hose bib. Your garden hoses should be disconnected from the sill cocks or outside faucets and drained if stored outside.

– Any outdoor furniture and garden accessories, lighting, should be stored in a dry place such a shed or a garage. If you lack storage space and have the room, you may even use space in your basement to protect your items from the winter elements.
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As you and I know, owning a home is a Huge investment and along with it a responsibility.  There is always a “To Do List.” Weather it’s interior or exterior painting to be done, new flooring, upgrades to kitchen, bathrooms or basements the list goes on and on. Some of us welcome the challenge of a DIY home project because it’s exciting and the feeling of “I did it myself” is self gratifying. There’s some individuals who just want to hire a handyman,  contractor  or home maintenance service company to do the job and that’s ok too. What ever direction you choose to move forward with, make sure YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

Check out some of these tips below BEFORE you hire someone to do your project:

1-  Look up a variety of Handyman, Home Maintenance Services and Contractors in your area on the internet

2-  Ask lots of question! There’s no such thing as a “bad” question. The more you ask, the better!

3-  Ask for quotes, the more the better but be Leary, sometimes “cheapest” doesn’t always mean better.

4-  Find out if the company is legitimate. Are they a  registered company?

5- Does this company have insurance? Find out. Again, ask the question.

6- Ask for a portfolio to show you some of their work. In this particular industry, photo’s tell the truth. This is what they have to offer as a source to prove what kind of projects they have done. Ask   for   before and after pictures.  Anyone can copy a photo off the internet but is Their work legitimate?

7- Ask for testimonials. Previous satisfied clients will have no issues giving a positive testimonial of their own completed projects. Why would they? They will want to share this information and let others know what a great job this company has done and would definitely recommend them. Of Course, testimonials will also warn other potential clients “not” to use their services either from their own bad experiences. So either way, you can get some piece of mind.

8- Look at company websites. See their work. A lot of them are on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Word Press, exc.  You can get a sense of who they are, what they do, latest specials and events, how they connect with their clients and how these companies are involved in your community!

9- First impressions mean everything!  In my opinion representatives are an example of their work and the company they own or work for. Representatives that come to your home for a quote, should be experienced, organized  knowledgeable in the field of the business, polite, well groomed,  answer your questions and concerns and make you feel confident and comfortable. If I had a bad feeling after the consultation and just didn’t feel right or confident somehow about this company then I would not want to do business with them. Especially in my home! Trust your instincts. They’re always right.

I know we live busy lives but as you can see here, a little homework can go a long way. For more information or to post a comment : please visit our links below:

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