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Cleaning Porcelain Tile & Grout Lines With Steam-Don of all Trades

After years of neglect, getting this basement decluttered and organized was a top priority. We’ve talked about this many times before, but organizing always starts with a ruthless decluttering. Get rid of everything that you do not need, use,  or want, or relocate those items that belong elsewhere. This helps clear the way for a good deep cleaning. A messy space is always harder to clean than an organized space but once this space was finally emptied out it gave room to move forward by giving the porcelain tile flooring good cleaning.

Cleaning  Choice For These Floors?

Steam Cleaning and Here’s Why

Apart from the fact that a steam sanitizer can kill bacteria and dust mites, it also ensures a chemical free clean, removing any concerns about potential health problems which could be caused by chemical gases and residues in traditional cleaning products. Steam cleaning requires no detergents or chemicals for the ultimate in safety for all the family including your pets. Steam cleaners are fantastic to clean porous tiles, smooth tiles and the are the best way to clean grout lines. These surfaces are usually hard to clean because of their crevices and pores, but hot steam flows deep into every nook and cranny to effectively loosen dirt, grime and grease.

After doing some research on line, we found the US Steam Falcon Commercial Steam Cleaner at  our local Home Depot Store and rented it out for the day to complete this project.

US Steam Falcon Commercial Steam Cleaner

US Steam Falcon Commercial Steam Cleaner

Product Overview
  • Heavy duty commercial cleaning
  • Stainless Steel shell and boiler
  • 2L tank = 2 hours of continuous use
  • 25 ft. working area
  • Operating Pressure: 65 psi
  • Made in Italy

Portable, Sanitizes, Variable Steam Options

  • High heat steam cleaner for residential and industrial applications
  • 100% natural cleaning, no chemicals needed
  • Ideal for tile and grout, hard floors, machine shops, play areas in daycare centers, etc
Safe For Use On
  • Auto Interior
  • Bare Floor
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Metal
  • Quartz
Included Accessories

• Owner’s  Manual
• 12 Ft Hose
• Filler Bottle
• Funnel
• 2 – 16 ¾ Inch Extension Wands
• Window Cleaner
• Single Hole Nozzle
• 3- Hole Nozzle
• Large Triangle Brush W/Clips
• 1- 3 Inch Adjustable Round Nylon Brush
• 1-3 Inch Adjustable Triangle Brush
• Large Floor Brush W/Clips
• 3 – 1 Inch Nylon Brushes
• 3 – 1 Inch Brass Brushes
• 3 Towels
• Accessory Bag


Before we started with the cleaning process, we gave basement floor a good vacuuming.

Following the user manual provided, we connected the hose to the steam cleaner. Opened the safety cap and filled the talk with water using the bottle and funnel provided then replaced the fill cap. We then plugged in the steam cleaner and pressed both the Power and Steam Release Buttons on the “On” position. The  Green Steam Ready  Light started flashing while the unit was warming up. After about 15 minutes the green light went solid letting us know the steamer was ready for use.

We bled the hose of water by squeezing the RED trigger to
shoot excess water from the hose into a towel for about 10-15 seconds. Waited  until green light came on again before starting to clean.  This unit was great because it had a STEAM CONTROL DIAL  to control the amount of steam released. By turning the dial counterclockwise, the steam would increase. To reduce amount of steam used we just had to turn dial clockwise.

We selected and attached the 1 Inch Brass Brush to clean the grout lines and the  3-Inch Round Nylon Brush clean the top of the tile.

GOOD TO KNOW: Keep away from steam cleaning too close to baseboards as they can get damaged in the process. 

It was surprising to see how much dirt and grime (the kind you don’t see) that was coming off the tiles and out of the grout as shown in the “before and after” photos provided. We filled many buckets over the cleaning process with clean warm water and mopped up the dirty and grimy residue left behind from the steaming process. We also  used it in cleaning around the toilet.

The US Steam Falcon Commercial Steam Cleaner is a great machine and uses no chemicals with it. It kills bacteria, eliminates odors and is Eco-friendly and  did a great  job on for this porcelain tile floor cleaning application.  We will definitely be using it again in the future and recommend this product as a “chemical free” alternative to our friends, family and clients.

8 Inch Plank Laminate Flooring-Don Of All Trades

Why choose to have this service installed by Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services?

Laminate Flooring-Don Of All Trades

Nothing beautifies the look of a home instantaneously as new flooring. Employ the experts at Don of All Trades Installation Services to install your new floor and we’ll take care of every detail, from start to finish. Its worry-free renovating with results you expect.

8 inch plank laminate flooring-Don Of All Trades 

So you’ve decided to take on the latest project in your home, new flooring. Today, consumers have an endless supply of choices to pick from when it comes to flooring products. Hardwood flooring, Laminate, Carpet and Tile products exist for most any situation.

Each room of a home serves a different function, involves a certain traffic area and serves a different purpose.

Our Experienced Installers can assist you with choosing the right flooring for your needs from start to finish. We will remove your existing flooring and replace with a new flooring product with spectacular results.

8 inch plank laminate flooring-Don Of All Trades

At Don of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services, we offer a variety of installation services and repairs to help improve the style and value of your home while giving you peace of mind and freedom in life to get back to what matters most to you.

8 inch plank laminate flooring-Don Of All Trades

Our Home Improvement Specialists can assist you with a variety of service options from complete remodeling to smaller repairs through our General Home Repairs Service. It’s time to get that To-Do-List done of home repairs you’ve been putting off for the longest time around you’re home. Contact us for a complimentary consultation today!


Don of all Trades Proffesional Home Maintenance Services

Have a question or need some assistance with your home improvement project? Get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or call us at 905-259-5249.


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Don Of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance ServicesDon of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services is so much more than a great improvement company. We’re helping people live better. Once customer at a time.

We’re Giving Back to the Community in a BIG WAY!


Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope-Don Of All Trades

Every gift is a gift of hope. Your donation makes a difference in the lives of women and children who are survivors of violence and abuse that are provided a place of safety, support and hope  at Herizon House women’s shelter.

You can help the lives of abused women and children in your community.

Please visit www.donofalltrades.ca Community Page to find more information on how you can give the gift of hope.

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Foul Smelling Washing Machines And Why



Are you a home owner with a Stinky Washing Machine? Not to worry, you are DEFINATLEY NOT ALONE! Washer mildew and odors are one of the most common complaints.


Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Interestingly enough, some washing machines have the susceptibility to smell bad due to their design.
  • Bad odours from a dirty washing machine can actually transfer on to clean clothing.
  • Hard water causes lime buildup in the  washing machine parts and plumbing.
  • If you live in a humid climate, consistent moisture in the air prohibits the washing machine from completely drying between loads, causing mildew and stale and musky odours.
  • Repeatedly, soap detergent and excrement splash upwards, resulting in leaving  behind grime on parts if the agitator and wash bin that are usually located above the water line.

How Naturally Clean A  Top Loading Washing Machine

These instructions will assist in killing mold, mildew and keep foul-smelling odours away in your Top Loading Washing Machine by using natural ingredients which is safe and can be used on all washer components.

 There are  two common house hold ingredients required for this process.

White Vinegar and Baking Soda.

White vinegar will help disinfect by assisting in killing mold and mildew. The acidity in the white vinegar will help dissolve the soap scum and residue in the tub along with dissolving lime deposits in the pipes  left behind from using hard water.  Baking soda cleans and deodorizes.


Step 1.

Choose you washing machine setting to run on Hot with the largest load setting. Add anywhere between 3-4 cups of white vinegar to the water  and let your washing machine agitate for about 2 minutes in order to disperse the vinegar evenly.


Step 2.

Now add 1/2 cup of baking soda. Allow the machine to agitate again for about 2 minutes to incorporate the baking soda evenly. Stop the machine washing cycle at this point and have the water sit for  approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.




Step 3.

As the vinegar, baking soda and hot water are working, doing their job by penetrating grime and odors, use a clean cloth that has been dipped into the vinegar water and wipe down the entire washing machine. Pay special attention to the top of the washing machine, the knobs and dials, the top of the wash bin and any fabric softener and bleach dispensers.


Step 4.

Allow the washing cycle to resume until the water begins draining. If your washer will allow it, turn the knob so the tub will drain while spinning, further cleaning out any gunk that has been loosened up and pushing the vinegar water through the holes in the wash bin. If your washer doesn’t allow this, start another hot wash cycle at this point and allow it to run through completely.




 Step 5.

At this point, the grime and scum at the top of the wash bin should be quite easy to wipe off with a sponge. (Note: because water doesn’t reach this part, this area may need a little extra attention) 

clean-dishwasher-12-300x283 - Copy


Congratulations! You have just washed your washing machine naturally!

 Useful Tips

  •  Leaving your washing machine lid open will allow the drum to completely dry and prevent mold and mildew odours from developing.
  • For best  results, implement a cleaning maintenance routine monthly.
  • Always remember to remove  your load of cleaned laundry as soon as the wash cycle is completed. This helps prevent the musky mildew smell from developing in your washer.


Have a question or need some assistance? Get in touch with us!

Call 905-259-5249 or email: info@donofalltrades.ca today!

Dannys Good logo

“Helping you get back to the important things in life!”        


Watch our latest bathroom remodel video.       




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Remarkable Deals On All Your Home Improvements and Home Repair Needs




Thinking of remodelling for the holidays?  If you are looking for remarkable deals on all your home improvement and home repair needs in Durham Region, then Don Of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services is the place to call for great savings!


PicMonkey Collage 21 - Copy

  • Experienced Craftsman
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Services You Can Trust

When you call Don Of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services, you can rest assure you are not only dealing with an experienced, knowledgeable and reasonably priced  Home Improvement organization, you are also getting an opportunity to book a complimentary one on one consultation. Communication is key. We take the time to listen to what You want and Expect. It’s the perfect time for you to ask questions, address concerns and get you the best price possible.

  •  Independently Owned and Locally Operated
  • Fully Insured and Licenced
  • Proud to service the Durham Region Community
 Enjoy great savings on:
PicMonkey Collage lifhting
Save $$$ on Light fixtures, mirror and curtain rod installations.
PicMonkey Collage 10
Save $$$ on Drywall repairs and appliance installations.
PicMonkey Collage painting
Save $$$ on Painting and staining.
PicMonkey Collage plumbing
Save $$$ on Bathroom remodelling, toilette replacements, sinks, and tiling.
PicMonkey Collage13
 Save $$$ on Bathtubs, vanity installations, faucets, showers and so much more!
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First Time Home Buyers
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untitled  Investment Properties
hands with top fade    Seniors Living At Home
Wondering if your project or home repair is something we do?
Send us an email at infodonofalltrades@gmail.com or call our office to find out more about our services.
Happy Holidays from Our Team at Don Of All Trades!
Enjoy Our 10% off All Home Remodeling Event going on now! Call
905-259-5249 to book your complimentary in home consultation today!  Visit www.donofalltrades.ca.
Hurry, Offer Ends December 31, 2014.


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New Look For An Old Porch By: Don Of All Trades

Finished Product
Finished Product

We are very pleased at the end result of giving this old porch an new look. With a little hard work, patience, concrete and skill anyone can have this cleaned and finished look!



Front Porch Before

This home owner had upgraded this front porch years before over the existing concrete porch with cedar wood.  Every year the spindles, handrails, base, pillars and steps had to be re-stained as part of their maintenance.  Well we decided to get rid of it and to our surprise we had an opportunity to work with the original steps and base since they were in good enough condition.

Original Concrete Base

Condition of the porch base, steps and pillars after all the cedar was removed.

New  Formed Steps

A new wider step was formed from concrete to give a more even look to the form of the steps and the porch.

Brick Pillars

These pillars were in very good condition considering the age of this  75 year old home.

Resurfacing Pillars

Concrete was incorporated to the pillars which defined the accents on them. This gives off a new, fresh clean look  and more character to the entire porch.

Concrete Resurfaced Pillars

Finished Product. Front porch is more inviting, has more curb appeal and value to this home.

Finished Product


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White Vinyl Duct Hose Dryer Venting: Fire Hazard

I felt I had to write and inform people about fire hazards with respect to dryers. The photo below is one I took of a project I had been hired to work on and this is the condition of the dryer venting hose I brought to my clients attention. I want to inform home owners that this is a potential fire hazard and everyone should take this seriously.

A clothes dryer vent system needs to be installed properly and maintained on a regular basis to keep the dryer operating efficiently. Improperly installed and maintained dryer vents can result in clogged dryer vents that can cause your dryer to overheat and create the potential for a serious fire.


dryer vent



In order for  clothes dryers to function properly, they  must be vented correctly. Regardless  if you are diligent about checking the lint filter after every load, lint can still build up in your vent hose. Are you using the safest type of vent hose?

All local building codes now require metal ducting for clothes dryers. Ideally, you should use rigid aluminum tubing pieces between the dryer and the outside vent. This type of tubing does the best job of resisting the collection of lint in the duct. Flexible aluminum ducting is available, however, it is more prone to collecting lint inside.

If you still have white vinyl duct hose, it should be replaced immediately. It is flammable and if ignited by the dryer it will burn and cause a house fire. Aluminum vent hose is inexpensive and well worth your time and trouble to install. It may save a life.

So What Kind of Dryer Exhaust Venting Is Considered Acceptable?

I have attached a link provided by a company called The Inspection Consultant to help you find the best answer to this question including other valuable information  regarding codes and guidelines.


The recommendations outlined below reflect International Residential Code (IRC) SECTION M1502 CLOTHES DRYER EXHAUST guidelines:

M1502.5 Duct construction.
Exhaust ducts shall be constructed of minimum 0.016-inch-thick (0.4 mm) rigid metal ducts, having smooth interior surfaces, with joints running in the direction of air flow. Exhaust ducts shall not be connected with sheet-metal screws or fastening means which extend into the duct.

This means that the flexible, ribbed vents used in the past should no longer be used. They should be noted as a potential fire hazard if observed during an inspection.
M1502.6 Duct length.
The maximum length of a clothes dryer exhaust duct shall not exceed 25 feet (7,620 mm) from the dryer location to the wall or roof termination. The maximum length of the duct shall be reduced 2.5 feet (762 mm) for each 45-degree (0.8 rad) bend, and 5 feet (1,524 mm) for each 90-degree (1.6 rad) bend. The maximum length of the exhaust duct does not include the transition duct.
This means that vents should also be as straight as possible and cannot be longer than 25 feet. Any 90-degree turns in the vent reduce this 25-foot number by 5 feet, since these turns restrict airflow.

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