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Front Walkway Rebuild

slabs 12


Previously this week I had a client hire our services to redo a slab front walkway. My client decided to incorporate some of the original slabs along with the new. Items on the list to purchase in order to complete this project just to name a few was screening product, new slabs to replace broke ones. Gaiters edge, and landscaping spikes.


I basically tore out everything and started from scratch. My client was addressing major water damage issues. We corrected the problem by putting 1/4 inch slope going away from the house with the screening and the new slabs.


Using gaiter edging, will keep all slabs in place even after the frost gets to it. New grading should correct the water situation. Doesn’t look like a big job, bit don’t kid yourself!!!  30 feet of new walkway is more time consuming work that you may think.  Don’t forget the front steps were moved and replaced back due to the fact they were sinking.  All in all, the front walkway looks so much better, is safer and adds more curb appeal.

I have included some of the before and after photos.


slabs  1

slabs 2

slabs 3

photo 1

slabs 5


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