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New Year’s Resolution- Getting Your Basement Organized

Photos provided by Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services

Utilizing your basement as a storage area can be difficult as the space can quickly become cluttered and unorganized. You can make storage more efficient by creating an organized system for your items. While plastic storage bins are great for holding your stuff, when they pile up, it becomes difficult to get to the bottom bin without moving the rest in the stack. To solve this problem, create a storage organizer that will give easy access to all of them.

If your basement is on your list of New Years Resolutions here’s a recent project Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services completed to help tackle these home owners issues by creating more storage space.

Photos provided by Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services

These homeowners had a bit of a challenge searching for a shelving unit that would fit their older home’s basement low ceilings. After doing some research on-line they found an IkeaHejne 4 section shelving unit that was a perfect solution to their needs and within their budget. Modifications were made with the shelving in order to house larger items that did not fit with the original design. The next issue was how to come up with a solution to enclose this piece so that our clients wouldn’t actually see what was inside and to give it more character. Shower Curtains, Venetian Blinds and Curtain Panels with Grommets were just some of the idea options our clients offered.

Photos provided by Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services

Our team asked if they would consider closing this shelving off with doors. They loved the idea and we moved forward with the project. We came up with a plan to design doors made from finished grade plywood and completing the look by adding cabinet door hinges and contemporary metal handle hardware. The results were fantastic!

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By adding custom-built doors, we have now created the perfect storage organizer unit by closing off these open shelves so that these home owners don’t have to live with the cluttered look.

Have a question about your home improvement project? Get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you! Call to book your complimentary in-home estimate at: 905-259-5249 or visit our newly renovated website at www.donofalltrades.ca today!

We offer a wide range of home improvement services for your home including FREE ESTIMATES in Durham Region. Call 905-259-5249 or visit our website at:  www.donofalltrades.ca to find out more!

Don Of All Trades is Giving Back to the Community

Please donate to our Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope Project!

Every gift is a gift of hope. Your donations make a difference in the lives of women and children who are survivors of violence and abuse that are provided with a place of safety, support and hope at Herizon House women’s shelter.

You can help improve the lives of abused women and children in the  community. Please visit www.donofalltrades.ca community page to find out how you can make a difference.


Bathroom Renovation Tips-Shedding Some Light on Your New Bathroom Remodel

Photos Credit to Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services

Most people honestly have no idea how much it really costs to under go a renovation. People often ask us how much it will cost for a bathroom remodel, and our first question is usually “What would you like to do?” and our second is “What is your budget?” 

Bathroom remodels continue to be one of homeowner’s priority projects  to tackle on their “to-do lists and there’s a good reason for it. Homeowners get a high return on investment and of course, they help turn that blah bathroom into a personal sanctuary in the process. A newly renovated bathroom definitely  gives the homeowner a competitive edge when trying to sell. Keep in mind that a bathroom remodel doesn’t just happen over night. As you may already know, it can be quite stressful. One of the best things you can do is plan ahead, do your own research and follow this simple guide to make the most out of your remodeling process.

Stage 1: Ask Yourself These Questions

Before you even start the planning procedure, you will need to consider asking yourself the following questions. This will enable you to make sense of what it is you are trying to accomplish, and how to get there.

  • What is the main reason you want to remodel?
  • How much storage will you need?
  • How long do you plan on living in your home?
  • What is your routine and how can your space be improved to function alongside of it?
  • How much time do you spend in this bathroom space (in the morning, afternoon and evening hours?)
  • How many people will be using this space?
  • How often will this space be used?
  • Who is this bathroom for?
Stage 2: Handle the “Why’s?”

Why are you remodeling? This appears glaringly evident, however you have to know the genuine reason before you can make any arrangements. There are commonly three principal reasons individuals need to remodel: refresh the look, make it more practical, or for resale.

In case you’re remodeling to refresh the look, you’ll likely simply be concentrating on materials, installations, and cabinetry. In case you’re redesigning for usefulness, you’ll presumably be gutting the entire space. In case you’re rebuilding for resale, you’ll need to do some research about the present market and patterns.

Stage 3: Do Your Own Independent Research

Before you lose track of what’s most important, you will need to do some of your own research. Consider whether you require a fundamental, mid-range, or full rebuild and set aside some time  to make sense of the amount you’re ready (and capable) to spend. Collect inspiration for your redesign with pictures of bathroom formats you like, outlines you like, storage solutions you like, and the sky is the limit from there.

Stage 4: Get Advice (from an expert)

An expert will have the knowledge to help you with every one of the inquiries you may have in regards to your remodel. You can get a more practical viewpoint on the design, the materials, the fixtures, and so forth from a specialist who’s done this kind of work  previously. Additionally, they can help you with creating a budget and help you to stick to it.

Stage 5: Planning

Now that you have an idea of what you can afford, what you require, and what you need, you can now move forward with planning your bathroom remodel.  Work together with  your contractor to come up with as many ideas as possible. Look at photos in magazines or social medial outlets like face book or pint rest for motivation, and ask as many questions as you need to. The last thing you don’t want to do  is to settle with an unexpected choice on a material or style. You will  also need to look into the permits you require (an expert can help you with this). Don’t be afraid to spend a considerable amount of time in this step,  as it may be  the most important one’s  of all.

Stage 6: Review

In this progression, the goal is to get all the real components and spacing confirmed before moving ahead.  Survey all drawings  and designed floor plans with the format and size of its components with your contractual worker and set the agreement in writing. You’ll need to make sense of the majority of the remodel so that there are no curve balls when development starts.

Stage 7: Choices

Here’s the  fun part! You get the opportunity to make choices about your materials, finishes, and colors. Assemble your motivation and ask your contractor any inquiries you may have with respect to specifics. Do as much research as you would so be able to you’ll make them work information when you approach this vital discussion. Here’s the decisions you have to make: bath, shading, ledges, fixtures, flooring, lighting, mirrors, shower, sinks, toilette, tile and vanities.

Stage 8: Essential Details

This is where you will want to get to the essential details on all the additional components in your remodel, like how things will flow, where you will be storing  everything while development is in progress, how you will set up your space, what time the workers will be on site, and whatever else that may come up amid the construction process. Any last-minute decisions and inquiries need to take top priority here.

Step 9: Construction

Once all the decisions are made, the plans are drawn, and the papers are signed, it’s time to begin the construction process! Yippee!  After many weeks of planning your bathroom remodel is finally here.  In anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, your new sanctuary will be completed.

Ready to start the first phase of your bathroom remodel? Call Donato D’Orazio Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services  today!

We offer a wide range of home improvement services for your home including FREE ESTIMATES in Durham Region. Call 905-259-5249 or email infodonofalltrades@gmail.com. Visit our website at http://www.donofalltrades.ca to find out more!


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About Don D’Orazio

Founder of Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services.

Donato has over 15 plus years of experience. His company has completed various projects for many clients. Donato’s philosophy is to always treat “YOUR HOME AS IF IT WERE HIS OWN”. His goal is to provide quality service at affordable prices without compromising the finished product.

Donato always ensures all his projects are completed with the highest standard of quality and craftsman ship. He also takes pride in knowing that he can take your ideas and turn them into reality….. Giving you the home you’ve always dreamed of having.
Donato D’Orazio, owner and founder of Don of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services, classifies his vision for home renovation projects with three important goals.

1. To come in on budget
2. To complete the project on-time.
3. To make the customer’s experience as stress-free as possible

It is these three goals that form the foundation for the Don of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services business model, which is unique from the way that other home improvement companies operate. Our clients have told us the benefits they’ve seen from our business model.

Don’s Motto

“Start living better and get peace of mind and the freedom in life to get back to the important things that matters most to you.”

Don Continues to Find Compassion Within Himself to Stay Attached to Values That are Linked to the Common Good

In 2013 Don and and his team created the Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope Program  benefiting worthwhile causes and creating partnerships within our communities in Durham Region. The Tree of Hope is a symbol of commitment, inspiration and community. Every year Don’s goal is to add new Helping Hands to the Tree of Hope and have it completed by December 31st from generous donations collected from clients, friends, family and local businesses in the community from our Donation Wish-List. Don believes it’s important to give back and not only volunteers his time, he also funds and hosts a number events throughout the year to help Do Good and Give Back.

Here’s an important life lesson: no matter how tough you think your life is there’s always someone who has to face challenges that are tougher than yours.

Our Memories of Giving Back in 2017


Less Is More-Get Rid of Your Clutter and Live Better with Don of all Trades

Photo credit of Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services

It’s a reality that a lot of us don’t want to admit but I truly believe that we have become a culture drowning on our own possessions. We are quick to take in more and more  (holiday, birthday, sales needs), but we  keep putting off  the time  and energy needed  to get rid of it.

As a result, we fill our homes up with more and more “stuff”.  So in order to try and manage these possessions, we have convinced ourselves into believing the best solution is to seek out organization tools to manage all of it.

So what do we do?  We go out and buy bigger containers or look up on line for more efficient organizational tips and tricks. When it comes down to it, organizing our possessions is just  simply  a temporary solution that  in a nutshell is an action that must be repeated over and over again with time.

A simple way to define organizing? It’s  the act of rearranging.  Let’s face it, we are always on the look out  to find more storage solutions to organize our “stuff”. I know I don’t have time to constantly go out and find new storage solutions. Do you? Additionally, organizing our “stuff” (without removing it) has some other major consequences that are rarely considered:

  • It doesn’t benefit anyone else.  The possession we don’t use just sit on shelves in our attics, garages and basements…even when we know that some of our closest friends and family members could desperately use them.
  • It’s not a solution to our debt problemsWe often don’t want to admit to anyone else or ourselves for that matter that there us an underlying issue that we just buy too much stuff. It doesn’t help when we go out of our way to purchase containers, rent storage units, or even buy a larger home to house it all in when it comes to rearranging out processions.
  • It doesn’t change our desire for more.  All that hard work and effort we put forth by organizing our things into plastic bins, boxes and closets doesn’t change the mindset we have and the desire to purchase more things.
  • It stops us from evaluating our livesWhile the act of rearranging our stuff might cause us to look at each of our possessions, it doesn’t make us stop and truly evaluate them-even more so if we are just placing them into boxes and closing the lids. However, when we consider removing possessions from our home, things start to get a little more serious as the questions of passion, value and what’s truly more important to us start to run through our minds.
  • It doesn’t help clear the path to moving  forward. We all know the “good” feeling both  physically and mentally we get  when we spend weeks organizing rooms in our homes. When you finally take a step back and look at how the room as been cleared and appears to look larger and more clutter free and all your processions now have a  dedicated spot to be stored in. Looks great right? But for how long?   How long before we have to do it all over again?  We make up excuses to keep our processions like- “our house is too small”, or “we don’t make enough money” and “we still can’t find enough time in the day.” Sound familiar? We may have rearranged our stuff…but not the path to move forward in our lives.

Less Is More-Get Rid of Your Clutter and Live Better!

The beneficial part  about the act of physically removing pocessions from our homes helps accomplish us to clear our minds, move forward and just live happier and a healthier life. And the best part of all is that it’s a permanent solution!

On the other hand, the act of removing possessions from our home accomplishes many of those purposes. It is not a temporary solution that must be repeated. It is an action of permanence—once an item has been removed, it is removed completely. Whether we re-sell our possessions, donate them to charity, or give them to a friend, they are immediately put to use by those who need them.

When moving forward with the process of  removing our possessions, it also begins to turn back our desire for more as we find happiness, freedom and an abundance of owning less. And when we remove ourselves from the all-consuming desire to  own more, this enables the opportunity for significant life changes to take place.

As  you move forward to get your home and life organized, challenge yourself to remove the unneeded items in your home.  Rid yourself of the extra weight in a permanent matter.  Carry a garbage bag from room-to-room. See how big of a donation pile you can make. Or help eliminate some-if not all- debt by selling them. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter so much how you remove them, as long as you do.  It’s so much better to de-own than declutter. 

To make a significant change in slowing down the accumulation of things in our homes, we really have to be honest with ourselves and change our mindsets and evaluating our purchases differently. Always keeping in mind that your purchase cost will go  far more than the price on the tag. Each one will also require time, energy and an effort once they enter your home. Before making a purchase, begin asking yourself the following questions below.

  • Is this an item that is really needed?
  • Am I buying this item for the right reasons?
  • Is this new possession going to add more extra work to my life?
  • Is there a place to store this item once I bring it home?

Celebrate Spring with Don of all Trades Affordable Handyman Packages!

Spring has finally sprung and it’s the perfect time to repair, refresh and remodel with Don of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services. Choose any one of our affordable Handyman Packages that fits your needs and budget.

Compare us to anyone!
Let’s get your Fix-It-List Done so you can get back to the important things in life that matter most to you.


Call our office now at 905-259-5249 to book your free in-home quote today!

Don Of All Trades is Giving Back to the Community

Please donate to our Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope Project!

Every gift is a gift of hope. Your donations make a difference in the lives of women and children who are survivors of violence and abuse that are provided with a place of safety, support and hope at Herizon House women’s shelter.

You can help improve the lives of abused women and children in the  community. Please visit www.donofalltrades.ca community page to find out how you can make a difference.

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Don of all Trades Interior Painting Tips: Paint Like A Pro


There is no simpler or inexpensive way to dramatically change the look of a home than with a fresh coat of paint.

Anyone who has  done their own interior painting knows that it is not nearly as easy as it seems. From an uneven paint finish on the wall to drips on the floor, you need to avoid any number of pitfalls before your DIY paint project can be a success. Here are 2  Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance  Service’s  interior house painting tips and tricks to help you paint like a Pro and achieve a clean professional look.


Tip No. 1- Painting Interior Doors

Using a small roller to paint doors can greatly speed the process. Work quickly by rolling on the paint, then use a brush to smooth out the paint and fill in any spots missed by the roller.


Tip No. 2 -Painting Baseboards and Trim

A scarper or trim guard are handy tools that help in painting trims They make painting trims, baseboards, moldings and dividers a very easy task. You’ll be able to avoid dripping or running paint on another surface. They will prevent paint on the floors or the walls. They also give you a sharper and cleaner edge that looks professionally done.


Have a question about your painting project? Get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you! Call 905-259-5249 or email infodonofalltrase@gmail.com and book your free in-home estimate in Durham Region Today.

Check out our blog for more great tips at: donofalltradesblog.wordpress.com or visit our website at www.donofalltrades.ca to find more information about our services.


Don Of All Trades is Giving Back to the Community

Please donate to our Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope Project!

Every gift is a gift of hope. Your donations make a difference in the lives of women and children who are survivors of violence and abuse that are provided with a place of safety, support and hope at Herizon House women’s shelter.

You can help improve the lives of abused women and children in the  community. Please visit www.donofalltrades.ca community page to find out how you can make a difference.

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Hello Autumn-Your Complete Fall Home Maintenance Check List

Hello Autumn

Your Complete Fall Home’s  Maintenance  Check List

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. Keep your home warm and running efficiently with our fall home maintenance checklist. It’s time to get your home ready for winter.

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. Keep your home warm and running efficiently with our fall home maintenance checklist. It’s time to get your home ready for winter.

Most of the tasks listed below are well with-in the average home owner’s ability. But if you decide on hiring a professional to take care of them, it’s worth the expense. You will save time, money and perhaps even your life.

Fall Home Maintenance Check-List

  • Roof Inspection
  • Chimney
  • Gutters
  • Doors & Windows
  • Exterior Hoses
  • Driveways & Walkways
  • Air-Conditioning Maintenance
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Wood Burning Stove Maintenance
  • Smoke Detectors
  • General Clean Up

Roof Inspection

Make sure the roof is in good condition. Check for loose or missing tiles and for any cracks in the chimney. If you’ve been putting off the task replacing the shingles over the last few years, well now’s a good time to get them replaced. Hire a professional roofing contractor to patch up any gaps and replace shingles.


Implementing a chimney maintenance plan is always critical for insuring the safety of your home and family. The function of a chimney is to carry dangerous fireplace, wood, oil or furnace and boiler gases safely out of your home.   Chimney fires are entirely preventable with proper care and cleaning. Inspect the exterior of the chimney for sings of damage. Have the flue inspected and cleaned by a certified chimney sweep.


Check the gutter systems outside your home. Be mindful for any broken or leaking gutters, and repair them as soon possible. Clogged gutters can lead to damaged exterior surfaces and to water in your basement. Clear out any leaves and other debris that tend to collect over the summer and fall seasons and have them covered with mesh guards to keep debris from returning. Doing this will reduce the risks of leaks and blockages during freezing weather.

Doors and Windows

Fall is a great time to get out and check the caulking around doors and windows. Proper caulking keeps moisture away and helps with drafts issues. Again caulking makes your home more efficient and helps prevent mold.

Drafts through your front doors don’t seem as much of a problem in the summer months, but the truth is it can be.  If your weather strip allows a ¼” opening around a door, it’s like a hole in the wall that is 4” x 4”.  Drafts don’t seem as noticeable the summer months because the air flows from cold to warm which is why it’s more noticeable in the winter season.

On that note, the best course of action would be replace the weather strip on your door. You can do this by going to your local building supply company and purchase a weather strip that is similar to what is currently on your door.  If you don’t see one that is similar just buy a “universal” type and install it on the door frame.  Every little bit of money saved on the Electricity Bill is a good thing and you may be pleasantly surprised next summer when you notice a difference of savings  in your electricity  bill since your doors will seal better!

Exterior Hoses

Commonly Known as hose bibs or sill-cocks, the exterior faucet needs to have its water supply turned off inside the house, and you also need to drain water from it by opening up the exterior faucet. You may also want to consider an insulated cover for the hose bib. Your garden hoses should be disconnected from the sill cocks or outside faucets and drained if stored outside.

Driveway & Walkways

Damaged walkways, drives, and steps are a hazard year round, but their dangers are compounded when the weather turns icy. Fixing problems in the fall is also critical to preventing little problems from becoming expensive headaches.

Look for cracks more than 1/8-inch wide, uneven sections, and loose railings on steps. Check for disintegration of asphalt, or washed-out materials on loose-fill paths.

Most small jobs are well within the ability of a do-it-yourself, but save major repairs for experienced hands.

Air-Conditioning Maintenance

Central Air conditioning systems: Take a hose with the spray head set to “jet” or the highest pressure you have and clean the fan blades and condensing coils of clear of debris and dirt. Left unprotected the condensing unit can be damaged by wet leaves and debris that contribute to rusting and freezing of internal components. Although these units are designed for outdoor use, covering them with a breathable waterproof cover made for that purpose will extending the life and efficient performance of the unit.

Outdoor Furniture

Any outdoor furniture and garden accessories, lighting, should be stored in a dry place such a shed or a garage. If you lack storage space and have the room, you may even use space in your basement to protect your items from the winter elements.

Furnace Maintenance

Fall is a perfect time to clean or replace your furnace filter. Reusable filters can be washed down and re installed. Disposable filters should be replaced with a new one. Dirty filters lower your HVAC system’s efficiency so it’s a good idea to change them accordingly.

Once a year, it’s a good idea to have your heating system inspected by a professional. To avoid the last-minute rush, consider scheduling this task in early fall, before the heating season begins.

Here are signs that you should have an inspection performed sooner:

Noisy Belts– Unusual screeches or whines may be a signal that belts connected to the blower motor are worn or damaged.

Poor Performance– A heating system that doesn’t seem to work as well as it once did could be a sign of various problems. Your heating ducts might be blocked, the burners might be misadjusted, or the blower motor could be on its last legs. One check you should be sure to conduct: Make sure your furnace filter is clean.

Erratic Behaviour– This could be caused by a faulty thermostat or a misadjusted furnace.

Wood Burning Stove Maintenance

Wood burning stoves are a great way to add atmosphere and warmth to your home. But regular inspections are needed to ensure that these devices don’t become a safety hazard. Here’s how to check them.

 Cracks in stovepipes attached to wood stoves can release toxic fumes into your home. Throughout the heating season, you should check for corrosion, holes, or loose joints. Clean the stovepipe, and then look for signs of deterioration or looseness. Replace stovepipe if necessary.

 Smoke Detectors

Test your smoke alarm monthly and clean it every 6 months.  Mark it on your calendar so that you don’t forget.  Things to remember when testing your smoke alarm:

  • Ensure that power is being transmitted to the alarm and that it will activate in the presence of smoke.
  • Test your smoke alarm by pressing the test button.
  • Even alarms with a pilot light that indicate power is being transmitted, should be tested regularly.
  • Battery-operated smoke alarms will warn you when batteries need replacing.   Despite this, make it a habit to change the batteries yearly.
  • When you’ve been away from home for a few days, check your alarm on your return to ensure it is working properly.
  • Remember, your smoke alarm can’t protect you if the batteries have been removed or a plug has been disconnected.
  • The lifespan of a typical smoke alarm is about 10 years, but some models last as little as 5 years.
  • To clean the alarm, open the cover and gently vacuum the interior of it.  Frequently, the alarm will sound while the unit is being cleaned.

General Clean Up

Rid your home of accumulations of old newspapers and leftover hazardous household chemicals. (Check with your local Municipal Hazardous Waste or Special Waste Agency about the proper way to discard dangerous chemicals.) Store flammable materials and poisons in approved, clearly labeled containers. Keep a clear space around heaters, furnaces, and other heat-producing appliances.


We offer a wide range of home improvement services for your home including FREE ESTIMATES in Durham Region. Call 905-259-5249 or email infodonofalltrades@gmail.com. Visit our website at http://www.donofalltrades.ca to find out more!


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Mother’s Day Gifts Brighten Holiday For Women In Shelters

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate our mothers, the woman  like no other. She gave us life, nurtured us, taught us, dressed us, fought for us, held us, shouted at us, kissed us, but most importantly loved us unconditionally.

There are not enough words we can say to describe  how important our mothers are to us, and what a powerful influence she continues to be to us… 

In the middle of all the celebrations, it’s important to remember that so many mothers will spend this special day experiencing abuse or taking refuge in shelters.  On any given night in Canada, 3,491 women and their 2,724 children  are forced to sleep in an emergency shelter to escape domestic violence. Every night, about 300 women and their children  are turned away because the shelters are full.

Violence against mothers impacts children too. The effects are persistent and far- reaching. Children who witness domestic abuse can experience learning challenges as well as behavioral and mental health issues that can extend long into adulthood. Studies show that these children can be more likely to repeat the cycle, growing up to become victims or abusers themselves.

This Mother’s Day, we can reconnect our love for our moms and our respect for all women by joining or replicating a program initiated by the Don of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services of Durham Region.  Our team  runs “The Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope Project”  a program that we created that turns donations into supports for women in abusive relationships through the wonderful efforts of Herizon House Women’s Shelter.

We felt that there was  no better day this year to celebrate our moms by recognizing the value of all women and making a big difference for a victim of domestic violence.

Mother’s Day Gifts Brighten Holiday For Women In Shelters!

We reached out to the community once again for their support  and asked for their assistance to help us celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday May 14, 2017 by donating items along with our own to put together in  special gift bags that would be donated to the women at Herizon House Women’s Shelter.


Angels Who Gave From Their Heart 

A total of 11 Mother’s Day Gift Bags would be donated with the help of some wonderful angels who gave from their heart. Special items that were donated to add to these very special and meaningful gift bags ranged from   journals, adult coloring books, pencil crayons,  chocolates, mini manicure sets, Loofah, Timmy’s Cards, wrap, bows, gift bags, hand creams, jewelry, bath salts, body care products, hand soaps, candles and coffee.

Our collection deadline started April 3-May 7, 2017. All gift bags were donated on Wednesday 10, just in time for Mother’s Day.

We would also like to mention that  everyone who made a contribution also added a new Helping Hand to our Third Tree Of Hope which we wish to complete by December 2017!

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Mother’s Day Gifts Brighten Holiday For Women In Shelters Video



Special Thank You to the following who donated:

Katrina Anne Dafoe-Independent Jamberry

Carmela D’Alessandro-Grabbing Crowns

Pam Little-Pam Little Accounting

Don D’Orazio-Don of all Trades Professional Home
Maintenance Services

Jacquelynn Joan Tanner-Sutton Group-Heritage
Realty Inc., Brokerage

Yolanda D’Orazio-Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope

Michelle Medeiros-House Dreamer

Stephanie Atwood-Tranquility Matters

Sandra Howlett-Apple Melon Designs

Rhonda Lee Axhorn-Island Heritage Reality Inc.,

Herizon House

Also A Very Special Thank You To Our Friends:

Angela Gazze

Marg Stevens



Beautiful Glass Subway Tile Installation-Don of all Trades


Photos courtesy  Don Of All Trades

Subway tiles are a popular choice of wall décor for modern kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, or any other indoor or outdoor space.  Don Of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services recently completed the look of this brand new kitchen by installing   glass subway tile back splash with spectacular results! Using subway tiles in your kitchen may add a traditional feel to a place, but their look certainly never gets old.

Photos courtesy  Don Of All Trades

Love the classic look of subway tile, but want to try something a bit different in your kitchen? Consider this glass subway tile product that our client’s chose in their kitchen project below.

Photos courtesy  Don Of All Trades

Product Description

Series – Bliss Elements 2×6 Mesh Mount Glass Subway Tile

Color – Mist

Size – 2×6 Glass Subway (12×12 Mesh Mount Mosaic)

Type – Glass Tile (Glossy)

No Minimum

Application – Walls

1 Sheet = 1 Square Foot

Have a question or need some assistance with your home improvement project? Get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or call us at 905-259-5249.


SPECIAL OFFERS ON BACK-SPLASH INSTALLATIONS ON NOW! No hidden fees. No high pressure sales. You know exactly what you will pay and it will be a LOTS LESS than what you would expect. We will meet or exceed all work expectations! Call our office at: 905-259-5249 to book your free in home quote today!


Don Of All Trades is giving back to our community. Please donate to our Helping Hands Program benefiting women and children.

Please donate to our Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope Project!

Every gift is a gift of hope. Your donations make a difference in the lives of women and children who are survivors of violence and abuse that are provided with a place of safety, support and hope at Herizon House women’s shelter.

You can help improve the lives of abused women and children in the  community. Please visit www.donofalltrades.ca community page to find out how you can make a difference.