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$50 Refrigerator Ice & Water Filter Can Save You $$$$ Thousands!!!



A previous client of mine hired Don Of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services to restore damage to their hardwood, carpeting and drywall on the first and lower level of their home caused by their refrigerator that had an ice and water system.  So what caused all this damage? Neglect of changing their Refrigerator Ice & Water Filter. In fact, they had never changed it since they purchased a side by side door model similar to the one in the photo below. When I asked why they never changed it, their response was they never even realized they had to!

My clients explained that the plastic line was located behind the fridge,  so visually, they  couldn’t see it leaking. They later noticed their hardwood floors located  several feet away from the fridge began buckling. It didn’t clue in at this point that it was related to the fridge. 4 days passed when the wife went to the laundry room located in the basement and noticed that floor was completely flooded due to  line being  backed up  and it had completely saturated through the first floor and right through the basement ceiling. Water had run thought the joist that ended up causing thousands of dollars in damage. Carpeting in the basement had to be replaced including damaged drywall as the water had penetrated it as well.


Moral of this story?

Change Your Refrigerator’s Ice Water & Filter Regularly before you choke on the next ice-cold glass of water!




side by side fridge

This was the side by side Whirlpool Fridge with Water and Ice Dispenser Model my client currently own.

photo of filter 2

It is recommended that you replace your disposable filter every 6 month. According to the manufacturer information on the label, this filter model 4396508 reduces 6 contaminants which include: Lead & Mercury, Chlorine Taste & Odor, Particles, Benzene and Toxaphene. I replace our filter   every 6 months OR when the indicator light comes on.

Tip: Where ever you purchase your new filter from, please be sure to doublecheck the product inside before you purchase it. Why? Last time I purchased a new one I got home to find out the box I got from the shelf (I thought was brand new) was actually a used one some had placed inside the box! I had to go back and explain it to the  customer service desk at my local hardware store.



Excellent Installation Instructions Video By:  from whirpool.ca


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Is There Such A Thing As A “Complimentary Consultation?” And Does “Complimentary” Mean Free?


Free Complimentary Consultations-Advantages:

Providing a complimentary consultation is a huge advantage  not only to the company offering this service but to the client as well. In the industry of Home Improvement/Home Maintenance Services, complimentary consultations are viewed favorably by our customers.  In most cases the general public is always looking for a bargain and at the best price possible for any product or service offered. Satisfied clients with a particular service or product  will spread the word about the incredible value they received. This could result in an increase in sales for any company. By implementing an offer as simple as a complimentary consultation,  you could see a potential  increase in the number of  interested prospects  contacting Home Improvement/Maintenance Services in search of a good deal. This could be even more beneficial than positive word of mouth from satisfied clients.

Free Complimentary Consultations-Disadvantages:

The advantages of providing free consultations must be weighed against the disadvantages. First, the potential client seeking a complimentary consultation may be Renovation or Home Improvement shopping—contacting many  contractors and meeting with them to determine who would be the best fit or perhaps the “cheapest”. Even if the contractor devotes substantial time to the complimentary consultation and answers all of the potential client’s questions, the potential client might still comment along the lines of, “I need to think about it, I have 2 more contractors coming to give an estimate—I’ll contact you at a later date.” Beware. Potential clients who look for the “cheapest” quote  may in fact not be getting the best deal in the end.  In these cases, the  contractor will not recoup the lost income for time spent during the free consultation.


Remember, the commodity that contractors  sell is experience and knowledge—their opinion and expertise regarding a client’s project. Contractors  who offer complimentary consultations are giving away their commodity to that potential client.

And even if the complimentary  consultation does result in a new client, it might not be the type of client that the contractor wants. All Home Improvement and Home Maintenance Organizations want their companies to succeed  and make a profit. If a client contacts a contractor  based on the complimentary consultation, will the client be willing to pay for the contractors future work and time? And if the client is willing to pay for the initial retainer fee, will the client pay fees exceeding that retainer? These questions are difficult to answer—but contractors need to consider them all the same.