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Special Offers on Backsplash Installation Services-Don Of All Trades

Special Offer

Back Splash  Installation Services

with Don Of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services

Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass and Natural Stone Tile Backsplash Installation Special starting at $499.00 up to 35sq ft.

Tips on Choosing The Right Backsplash

When remodelling a kitchen consider a back splash as part of your upgrades. Back splashes are a durable wall covering that protects your walls from water resulting in stains and molds. A kitchen is a high traffic area where most food preparation is made and is most likely come into contact with water and greasy foods spatters. Back splashes not only serve as protective barrier from these elements, back splashes also play an important role in the kitchen’s décor by harmonizing the various elements of design. Modern back splashes are an important link that completes a bigger picture and the over all look with your choice of kitchen counter top finish, your kitchen floor product choice and all other finishes. All these elements tie into the overall design compositions that “Screams” beautiful! With the right look and results, your kitchen could quite possibly become one of your favorite rooms in the house!  Learn more…

No hidden fees. No high pressure sales. You know exactly what you will pay and it will be a LOTS LESS than what you would expect. We will meet or exceed all work expectations! Call our office at: 905-259-5249 to book your free in home quote today!

To see samples of our backsplash and tiling work and many other projects, visit our website at www.donofalltrades.ca.


Free installation of new light switches and receptacles on backsplash wall ($150 value) when you make a donation of $40.00 or more to our Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope Program. 100% of the proceeds go to benefiting abused women and children from domestic violence through the wonderful efforts of Herizon House.

(Materials + Taxes not included – Not valid with any other specials)

Don Of All Trades is giving back to our community. Please donate to our Helping Hands Program benefiting women and children

Don Of All Trades is giving back to our community. Please donate to our Helping Hands Program benefiting women and children.

Please donate to our Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope benefiting Herizon House

Every gift is a gift of hope. Your donations make a difference in the lives of women and children who are survivors of violence and abuse that are provided with a place of safety, support and hope at Herizon House women’s shelter.

You can help improve the lives of abused women and children in the  community. Please visit www.donofalltrades.ca community page to find out how you can make a difference.

Have a question about your kitchen backsplash or any other home repair? Leave a comment below.

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Helping Hands Buidling Trees Of Hope

Helping Hands Donation Program

Don of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services believes it is important to give back to the community so we have created the Helping Hands Donation Program that benefits women and children at a local women’s shelter as well as YOU!  Learn more…

View Some of our Helping Hands donators!

visit www.donofalltrades.ca to find out how you can help.

Another Helping Hand on our Tree of Hope. It’s because of people like Natasha & Aaron who made a donation at our Charity barbecue for Hope benefiting Herizon House.

Building Trees Of Hope Visit www.donofalltrades.ca community page to find more information on how you can help.


Jaccuzi Tub Tile Repair

jaccuzzi photo 23

Jacuzzi Tub Tile Repair


Project Inspection 

I had the opportunity to meet and offer assistance to a  wonderful client recently with regards to issues concerning tile repair work on their Jacuzzi decking and skirt.  Upon inspection, there were a number of tiles that had come off the deck and the finishing trim was detached.  We came to a mutual agreement that it was best to remove the existing tile and replace the decking and skirt with the same colour and texture of tile to ensure  everything matched.  This project was started on a Monday and here’s how it went…


Phase 1: Demolition

The first phase of this project was to remove the original ceramic tile from the skirt and decking.  When the original builder installed the Jacuzzi deck and skirt, they framed it with “2 X 4” and covered it with 1/2 inch plywood. They then applied mesh onto the plywood and installed the tile on the mesh.  A hammer and crowbar was used to remove the original tile.

jaccuzi tub 2

 Photos courtesy Don Of All Trades

By taking our time removing the existing tile, this removal process really wasn’t that difficult. The most difficult part was removing the steel mesh.  The next step was  removing the staples that held the steel mesh onto the plywood. At this stage we had a nice clean surface to start the rebuild as shown in the photo below.

jaccuzi photo 39

Photos courtesy Don Of All Trades

Phase 2:  Scratch-Coat

New steel mesh was applied over the entire deck and skirt. NOTE: Always put on safety work gloves to protect your hands  when working with steel mesh as this material can cause cuts and other  injuries. Staples were applied to secure the mesh onto the plywood, starting with the skirt first then the deck.  An unmodified thin-set cement was used to apply a scratch coat on to the surface area. We then let the cement dry for 24 hours.

jaccuzi photo 40

Photos courtesy Don Of All Trades

 Tip: When applying a scratch-coat, remember to keep the surface area level. Avoiding uneven surfaces will help prevent issues when you move on to the tiling stage.

My personal preference from past experience, is to keep the surface a little rough to help the new ceramic tiles bond better.


 Phase 3:  Tiling

 With all the prep work now completed, we were ready to start setting new tile. Our client chose a 12×12 ceramic tile for this project. 1/4-in. spacers were used for the tile and White PVC tile edging strip was installed in the location were the deck tiles met the skirt tile.

jaccuzzi photo 12

Photos courtesy Don Of All Trades

Next stage of the project-grout.  Remember when applying grout to work a small area at a time and to go over the area with a sponge to prevent the grout from drying on the ceramic.

Phase 4: Finished Product

When looking at the finished product you can see how close we came to matching the existing back-splash, not one hundred percent but pretty close match. Grout lines came out nice and PVC tile edging strips really add the finishing touches.

   jaccuzzi photo 23

 Photos courtesy Don Of All Trades

Have a question or need some assistance? Get in touch with us!

Call 905-259-5249 or email: info@donofalltrades.ca today!


PicMonkey Collage

“Helping families get back to the important things in life!”        

Watch our latest bathroom remodel video.       


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High Impact- High-Style Way To Add Beauty And Value To Your Home



Recently I was in my local hardware store and I came across a product display of Peel & Stick Metal Tile by a company called Aspect. Well, I’m always on the look out for new products for our clients and I just had to share. This product gives off a high impact, high-style way to add beauty and  value to your home.

If you’re looking into upgrading your kitchen or bathroom with a product that’s clean, affordable and well,  on a mission to complete a Do It Yourself project or are considering  hiring a local home improvement company to install them for you, well here is Peel & Stick Metal Tile project that might be right for you!  Aspect Peel & Stick Metal Tiles come in varies finishes such as Champagne, Stainless Steel, Bronze and Copper. As well they come in a long grain and short grain direction.

You can achieve that high impact, modern look of metal at a fraction of the cost. Choose from many styles, shapes and colours to suit your every mood. Aspect Peel and Stick Metal Tiles are Eco-Friendly and manufactured from 50% recycled materials and 100% recyclable. So what’s your style? To find out more visit Aspect Peel & Stick Metal Tile’s Website at:  www.aspectideas.com.



Summary of Installation According The Instructions:

Plan and Prep

With so many tile patters to choose from, choose the design that best fits your style and decor. Prepare and prime the surface you’re applying tile on. This product can be installed over most structurally sound substances if they are clean, smooth, dry and free of dust, wax and grease.

Layout & Measurements

All area to be covered must be measured. Lay out the entire project on a flat surface, like a table or the floor, before installing the tiles to be sure you have enough tiles and your design correct. Using a chalk line, create at least two reference lines to guide tile placement.


Peel and Stick & Enjoy!

“Dry Fit” Tile against the wall exactly where it will be placed. Once stuck, it stays stuck.

Remove the backing from the tile to expose the adhesive, and align the tile where you want it and press into place.

Firmly press the tile over its entire surface area to be sure it adheres properly. Install remaining tiles in the same fashion as above.


According to the labelled instructions: Minimal Tools Required

–  Measuring Tape

–  Straight Edge

–  Pencil or Other Non-Permanent Marker


If Cutting Tiles Tools Required:

– An Electric Jigsaw is recommended

– A Hacksaw, miter saw, or sharp utility knife will also work

–  Fine-grit sandpaper (400-600 grit)

DIY Aspect Backsplash Tile Installation Video



“Don Of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services. We’re MORE than you’d expect!”

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Is There Such A Thing As A “Complimentary Consultation?” And Does “Complimentary” Mean Free?


Free Complimentary Consultations-Advantages:

Providing a complimentary consultation is a huge advantage  not only to the company offering this service but to the client as well. In the industry of Home Improvement/Home Maintenance Services, complimentary consultations are viewed favorably by our customers.  In most cases the general public is always looking for a bargain and at the best price possible for any product or service offered. Satisfied clients with a particular service or product  will spread the word about the incredible value they received. This could result in an increase in sales for any company. By implementing an offer as simple as a complimentary consultation,  you could see a potential  increase in the number of  interested prospects  contacting Home Improvement/Maintenance Services in search of a good deal. This could be even more beneficial than positive word of mouth from satisfied clients.

Free Complimentary Consultations-Disadvantages:

The advantages of providing free consultations must be weighed against the disadvantages. First, the potential client seeking a complimentary consultation may be Renovation or Home Improvement shopping—contacting many  contractors and meeting with them to determine who would be the best fit or perhaps the “cheapest”. Even if the contractor devotes substantial time to the complimentary consultation and answers all of the potential client’s questions, the potential client might still comment along the lines of, “I need to think about it, I have 2 more contractors coming to give an estimate—I’ll contact you at a later date.” Beware. Potential clients who look for the “cheapest” quote  may in fact not be getting the best deal in the end.  In these cases, the  contractor will not recoup the lost income for time spent during the free consultation.


Remember, the commodity that contractors  sell is experience and knowledge—their opinion and expertise regarding a client’s project. Contractors  who offer complimentary consultations are giving away their commodity to that potential client.

And even if the complimentary  consultation does result in a new client, it might not be the type of client that the contractor wants. All Home Improvement and Home Maintenance Organizations want their companies to succeed  and make a profit. If a client contacts a contractor  based on the complimentary consultation, will the client be willing to pay for the contractors future work and time? And if the client is willing to pay for the initial retainer fee, will the client pay fees exceeding that retainer? These questions are difficult to answer—but contractors need to consider them all the same.