2019 Helping Hands Mother’s Day Gift Bag Drive-Don of all Trades

Mother’s Day Gift Bags Help Brighten the Holidays for Women in Shelters

In the month of motherhood festivities, thousands of mothers and mothers-to-be across the country will spend Mother’s Day in a domestic violence shelter.

Children staying in shelters may have little or no means to get a gift to their moms on Mother’s Day. Our Annual Helping Hands Mother’s Day Gift Bag Drive Project provides lovely assembled gift bags  to give to children living in domestic violence shelters. The children in turn give the gift bags as their gift to mom on Mother’s Day.

The Project hopes to grow larger each year by inspiring other local businesses and members of the community to offer their own donated items from our Wish-List to be put into these gift bags as part of our  Helping Hands Building Trees Of Hope Program.

Some moms in shelters may require additional tender loving care on Mother’s Day, especially if they are grieving a child’s death or miscarriage, have lost custody of their children or are unable to be with them for a variety of other reasons.

Mother’s Day celebrations may be emotionally triggering to these mothers, and shelter staff needs to be mindful and prepared to offer extra support and allow the time and space the survivor needs to cope with separation from or loss of her children.

Shelters do important work, but sadly, they are often underfunded and understaffed.  

Our team at Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services through our Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope Project is so blessed to be able to contribute to this meaningful and important cause.

We celebrated  Mother’s Day on Sunday May 12 of this year by donating 15 Gift Bags that help brighten the holidays for women at Herizon House Women’s Shelter!

Here’s what was donated from the Suggested Wish List this year:

  • Manicure & Tweezers Sets
  • Nail Polish Sets
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Variety of Bath & Body Wash Sets
  • Nail Emery Boards
  • Luffas
  • Motivational Make-Up Bags
  • Face Cloths
  • Pretty Gift Bags
  • Tissue Paper
  • Personalized Card


Sending out a HUGE THANK YOU to Rhonda Lee Axhorn from Island Heritage Realty Inc. Brokerage who dropped off these very cute inspirational make-up bags to add in our 15 Mother’s Day Gift Bags that will be donated to Herizon House Women’s Shelter. You are so awesome!



Your donated items will help brighten this Mother’s Day for women in shelters.  We look forward to doing it again next year!

By supporting organizations like Herizon House, we acknowledge that in order to end the cycle of violence we must work in partnership with our community.

Visit our Don of all Trades Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope Program Face Book Community Page for regular updates on how we are helping make a difference in the community.
April 10, 2019- Kind words from Herizon House Women’s Shelter…. We are so grateful to Don of All Trades for this wonderful project. It means so much to the women in shelter taking steps towards hope. Our heartfelt thanks to all who participate in showing these women how much you support their journey.


Our community page is one of our favorite pages we’ve made changes to. This page has been completely redesigned including more in-depth information about our Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope Program, Friends Who Have Donated A Helping Hand, Our Memories of Giving Back Videos over the years and so much more! Every donation adds a new Helping Hand to our Helping Hands Tree of Hope, a symbol of commitment, inspiration and community from wonderful donors like you!


We’re so much more than a great Local Home Improvement Company in the Durham Region. Find more about us at www.donofalltrades.ca!

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