Bathroom Renovation Tips-Shedding Some Light on Your New Bathroom Remodel

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Most people honestly have no idea how much it really costs to under go a renovation. People often ask us how much it will cost for a bathroom remodel, and our first question is usually “What would you like to do?” and our second is “What is your budget?” 

Bathroom remodels continue to be one of homeowner’s priority projects  to tackle on their “to-do lists and there’s a good reason for it. Homeowners get a high return on investment and of course, they help turn that blah bathroom into a personal sanctuary in the process. A newly renovated bathroom definitely  gives the homeowner a competitive edge when trying to sell. Keep in mind that a bathroom remodel doesn’t just happen over night. As you may already know, it can be quite stressful. One of the best things you can do is plan ahead, do your own research and follow this simple guide to make the most out of your remodeling process.

Stage 1: Ask Yourself These Questions

Before you even start the planning procedure, you will need to consider asking yourself the following questions. This will enable you to make sense of what it is you are trying to accomplish, and how to get there.

  • What is the main reason you want to remodel?
  • How much storage will you need?
  • How long do you plan on living in your home?
  • What is your routine and how can your space be improved to function alongside of it?
  • How much time do you spend in this bathroom space (in the morning, afternoon and evening hours?)
  • How many people will be using this space?
  • How often will this space be used?
  • Who is this bathroom for?
Stage 2: Handle the “Why’s?”

Why are you remodeling? This appears glaringly evident, however you have to know the genuine reason before you can make any arrangements. There are commonly three principal reasons individuals need to remodel: refresh the look, make it more practical, or for resale.

In case you’re remodeling to refresh the look, you’ll likely simply be concentrating on materials, installations, and cabinetry. In case you’re redesigning for usefulness, you’ll presumably be gutting the entire space. In case you’re rebuilding for resale, you’ll need to do some research about the present market and patterns.

Stage 3: Do Your Own Independent Research

Before you lose track of what’s most important, you will need to do some of your own research. Consider whether you require a fundamental, mid-range, or full rebuild and set aside some time  to make sense of the amount you’re ready (and capable) to spend. Collect inspiration for your redesign with pictures of bathroom formats you like, outlines you like, storage solutions you like, and the sky is the limit from there.

Stage 4: Get Advice (from an expert)

An expert will have the knowledge to help you with every one of the inquiries you may have in regards to your remodel. You can get a more practical viewpoint on the design, the materials, the fixtures, and so forth from a specialist who’s done this kind of work  previously. Additionally, they can help you with creating a budget and help you to stick to it.

Stage 5: Planning

Now that you have an idea of what you can afford, what you require, and what you need, you can now move forward with planning your bathroom remodel.  Work together with  your contractor to come up with as many ideas as possible. Look at photos in magazines or social medial outlets like face book or pint rest for motivation, and ask as many questions as you need to. The last thing you don’t want to do  is to settle with an unexpected choice on a material or style. You will  also need to look into the permits you require (an expert can help you with this). Don’t be afraid to spend a considerable amount of time in this step,  as it may be  the most important one’s  of all.

Stage 6: Review

In this progression, the goal is to get all the real components and spacing confirmed before moving ahead.  Survey all drawings  and designed floor plans with the format and size of its components with your contractual worker and set the agreement in writing. You’ll need to make sense of the majority of the remodel so that there are no curve balls when development starts.

Stage 7: Choices

Here’s the  fun part! You get the opportunity to make choices about your materials, finishes, and colors. Assemble your motivation and ask your contractor any inquiries you may have with respect to specifics. Do as much research as you would so be able to you’ll make them work information when you approach this vital discussion. Here’s the decisions you have to make: bath, shading, ledges, fixtures, flooring, lighting, mirrors, shower, sinks, toilette, tile and vanities.

Stage 8: Essential Details

This is where you will want to get to the essential details on all the additional components in your remodel, like how things will flow, where you will be storing  everything while development is in progress, how you will set up your space, what time the workers will be on site, and whatever else that may come up amid the construction process. Any last-minute decisions and inquiries need to take top priority here.

Step 9: Construction

Once all the decisions are made, the plans are drawn, and the papers are signed, it’s time to begin the construction process! Yippee!  After many weeks of planning your bathroom remodel is finally here.  In anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, your new sanctuary will be completed.

Ready to start the first phase of your bathroom remodel? Call Donato D’Orazio Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services  today!

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About Don D’Orazio

Founder of Don of all Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services.

Donato has over 15 plus years of experience. His company has completed various projects for many clients. Donato’s philosophy is to always treat “YOUR HOME AS IF IT WERE HIS OWN”. His goal is to provide quality service at affordable prices without compromising the finished product.

Donato always ensures all his projects are completed with the highest standard of quality and craftsman ship. He also takes pride in knowing that he can take your ideas and turn them into reality….. Giving you the home you’ve always dreamed of having.
Donato D’Orazio, owner and founder of Don of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services, classifies his vision for home renovation projects with three important goals.

1. To come in on budget
2. To complete the project on-time.
3. To make the customer’s experience as stress-free as possible

It is these three goals that form the foundation for the Don of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services business model, which is unique from the way that other home improvement companies operate. Our clients have told us the benefits they’ve seen from our business model.

Don’s Motto

“Start living better and get peace of mind and the freedom in life to get back to the important things that matters most to you.”

Don Continues to Find Compassion Within Himself to Stay Attached to Values That are Linked to the Common Good

In 2013 Don and and his team created the Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope Program  benefiting worthwhile causes and creating partnerships within our communities in Durham Region. The Tree of Hope is a symbol of commitment, inspiration and community. Every year Don’s goal is to add new Helping Hands to the Tree of Hope and have it completed by December 31st from generous donations collected from clients, friends, family and local businesses in the community from our Donation Wish-List. Don believes it’s important to give back and not only volunteers his time, he also funds and hosts a number events throughout the year to help Do Good and Give Back.

Here’s an important life lesson: no matter how tough you think your life is there’s always someone who has to face challenges that are tougher than yours.

Our Memories of Giving Back in 2017


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