2015 Helping Hands Charity BBQ for Hope

 When people work together great things can happen!


For over a month we have been planning and organizing a charity bbq event to help raise funds and  donated items benefiting Herizon House, a not for profit organization  who provide  free confidential services 24 hours a day and provide a place of safety, support and empowerment for abused women and their children. Herizon House is committed to ending the cycle of abuse and violence in the community.

Yesterday was the day of our 2015 Helping Hands Charity BBQ for Hope Event and although considering the possibility making the difficult decision of cancelling  and rescheduling, we decided to move forward with hosting it as planned.

Despite the rain, wind and cooler than normal weather and a very well- built tarp for shelter, we are very grateful to those who volunteered, attend and donated items to make this event a huge success!

We are dedicating this blog  to these individuals who have worked incredibly hard at helping us  make a difference in our community.  This event is just an example of how when people work together, great things can happen!

We are a dedicated team of individuals focused on continuing to find ways to make our communities better and helping those who in difficult times, need help the most.


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Our nieces Olivia and Alessia who have been working so hard at helping us create and decorate a donation bin for the Helping Hands Building Trees of Hope Program. These 2 girls did an INCREDIBLE job and we all had so much  fun working together.

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Don setting up a tarp to provide shelter from the elements for our guests.


Two beautiful sisters having fun in the rain!
Peter, master of the barbeque. We thank you for taking the day off of work to help us out at our event today!
Organizing the seating and the designated food areas for our event.


Thank You Stef from Canada Bread who donated the hamburger and hotdog buns to support our cause.


Natasha and Aaron who volunteered to help us set up.




Carmela and son Adam. A special thank you to Carm who has an incredible recipe for cosmopolitans but also came to the rescue with frosting and for her skills making our Helping Hands Cake so beautiful!


Don with our guest and friend, Pam Little from Pam Little Accounting.
Thank you going out to our son Anthony who helped out with our special event.


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Thanking Blair and Tanya along with the kids for taking the time to attend our event today!


Our Helping Hands B.B.Q. for Hope Event today was a HUGE success! We want to thank all of our guests who attended, supported and donated items benefiting Herizon House!


Helping Hands Buidling Trees Of Hope

Every gift is a gift of hope. Your donation makes a difference in the lives of women and children who are survivors of violence and abuse that are provided a place of safety, support and hope  at Herizon House women’s shelter.

You can help the lives of abused women and children in your community.

Please visit www.donofalltrades.ca Community Page to find more information on how you can give the gift of hope.

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