Expert Advice On Home Staging

Home staging can set you apart from your competition and lead to a faster sale. Consider investing some time to speak with a local Professional Home Stager and book a consultation. Professional Home Stagers have the experience, knowledge and tools that can help you through the process and prepare your home for listing photos. The latest stats show that 91% of buyers find there homes online. With the help of a Professional Home Stager you can help increase the potential of interested parties right away. Professional Home Staging can be more affordable than most might think  and definitely always less money than the home reductions later on. You want to make that first impression to potential buyers the moment they walk in to your home for a showing.  If you’re on a tight budget, consider using whatever you have around your home or borrow items from friends and family.  You may have children and wonder what do with their toys? Consider purchasing a large rubber bin to keep a small amount of their toys that will be easy and quick to clean up and put away when you suddenly have a potential client coming over to  see the house. Your pets feel the stress as well when it  comes to the  changes around the home. Consider temporarily having them stay a friends or families home for the week.  Buyers have to like what they see. You only have 1 chance to make the best impression and this is where an experienced Professional Home Stager can help you stage your home properly in order to sell your home faster.  Below I have included a few tips, video links and a website to a Professional Home Stager that can help you through the process when you decide to sell.
Tips For Outside:
–  Make sure your home is clean.
– Deep clean inside and out.
– Now is the time to correct this maintenance repairs issues outside.
– Clean gutters, edge any beds, add fresh mulch around your garden beds, replace light bulbs  and paint your front door.
Tips For Inside:
– Steam clean grout. This will take years off the age of your bathroom and floors.
– Replace or Deep Clean your carpets. No one wants to purchase someone else’s dirty, old worn out carpeting.
– If you have hardwood flooring in good condition  under your carpeting then consider the investment of have them refinished or installing new flooring. Hardwood adds value  to a home.
– De clutter
– Pack up any personal possessions, family photos, trophies on walls and fridges. This will hep your home look lighter, brighter and more stream lined.
Working with a Professional Home Stager can reduce the stress throughout the process of selling your home and can assist in selling your home faster and assist in making that First Impression. Below I have included a video and link to a Professional Home Organizer : Sue Pitchforth owner of Décor Therapy Plus. Décor Therapy Plus is an Award winning Staging, Re-Design & Decorating company offering friendly, professional advice on all your decorating dilemmas. From Colour consultations, furniture placement, personal shopping to helping you plan & design your new home, Room for Change is always available to help you with your decorating needs. Enjoy!
Sue Pitchforth Owner/Principal Decorator/Stager Of Decor Therapy Plus
I’’m Sue Pitchforth and I’’m here to help you improve your life by improving your home. My collaborative, friendly, and hands-on approach ensures that whatever I do will be something that you will love and will allow your unique personality to shine.

We can work together on various aspects of your home or help you sell your home by staging it for selling. I can even help you style your events and ensure that your vision comes to life.

For whatever kind of decorating services you may need, I can be there to help.

Please Watch Video Link Below from Sue Pitchforth owner of Decor Therapy Plus!

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