New Look For An Old Porch By: Don Of All Trades

Finished Product
Finished Product

We are very pleased at the end result of giving this old porch an new look. With a little hard work, patience, concrete and skill anyone can have this cleaned and finished look!



Front Porch Before

This home owner had upgraded this front porch years before over the existing concrete porch with cedar wood.  Every year the spindles, handrails, base, pillars and steps had to be re-stained as part of their maintenance.  Well we decided to get rid of it and to our surprise we had an opportunity to work with the original steps and base since they were in good enough condition.

Original Concrete Base

Condition of the porch base, steps and pillars after all the cedar was removed.

New  Formed Steps

A new wider step was formed from concrete to give a more even look to the form of the steps and the porch.

Brick Pillars

These pillars were in very good condition considering the age of this  75 year old home.

Resurfacing Pillars

Concrete was incorporated to the pillars which defined the accents on them. This gives off a new, fresh clean look  and more character to the entire porch.

Concrete Resurfaced Pillars

Finished Product. Front porch is more inviting, has more curb appeal and value to this home.

Finished Product


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