Drainage Issues That Can Cause Havock On Your Front Load Washer

washing machine 9

 #Front #load #washers are great. Keep in mind, small items such as coins, socks, lighters, toys, pens, etc. can get through the #door #seal and end up in the #drainage #pipe as shown above. Trapped items  can slow down your #drainage and can# burn out the #water #pump.  Although we check our clothes and  pockets for any items, you’d be surprised what we have found in ours as shown above! I like to practice  monthly maintenance check of the #drainage #pipe in our front load washer to just to keep on top of things before it can become an expensive problem to fix down the road. If you’re having issues with your washer or dryer you should  contact  a locally certified and professionally trained technician   appliance specialist to come down and have a look.


 washing machine 11

washing machine 3

washing machine1

washing machine 6

washing machine 5

machine 6

washing machine 9

washing machine 4

washing machine 10

machine 12

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