Kitchen Tips: Before the Remodelling Begins


So you’ve finally decided that’s  it’s time for a long well deserved change. Good For You!  You are now ready to  move forward with a kitchen remodel. So exciting!!! After doing all your homework on finding that right contractor and the best of designers that are all local in your area, choosing  your  paint, flooring, sinks, countertops, fixtures,  cabinetry, appliances, kitchen design layout and so on, you feel you can sit back, take a breath and relax. Your job is now done. Well guess what? Hold off on the thought of that glass of wine because there are quite a few things on your list that you should be doing to ensure your remodelling process runs smoothly. Don’t worry. It’s not too much work, but this preparation will help everyone involved.

Declutter & Get Organized:

Now is one of those great opportunities that you may have been holding off for quite a while to get right into those cupboards and cleaning them out. Get rid of those items that you keep telling yourself “I can use this one day.” If you’re like me, well it’s been 2 years and that day has never come. I love to donate items in my home that I know someone could use. There’s always someone who knows someone needing something! Just make sure that you’re items aren’t chipped or broken or not functioning anymore. Remember your donating them so they can be re used, not giving away garbage. Besides, it keeps our  landfills a little less filled and recycling is great for our environment and the planet. Keep what you really want and be realistic about what items you will really use in your kitchen whether its everyday use of  items to your tools for entertaining. You’ll feel so much better when your project is done and it’s one less stressful thing to worry about afterwards.

Kitchen Packing:

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a one story home where everything is on one floor, then bedrooms are a great place for you dishes. Other spaces located in basements, garages or cellars are  great too but you’ll be having to transport everything from the kitchen up and down stairs and then back up again. Well, look on the Brightside, you’ll be getting lots of exercise! Going to a local grocery store and collecting  sturdy, heavy-duty  empty boxes like apple or banana boxes is a good idea to help start your process. These can be brought home a bit at a time everyday and can be used to start packing your kitchen items like dishes, cups, coffee mugs, utensils etc. Make sure to mark what’s in them once you fill them so you know where your items are easily when putting them back in your new kitchen. Boxes keep everything hidden, organized and less hazardous. To simplify things, start packing the kitchen items you know you will definitely not be using for a while, like blenders, mixers, certain pots and pans, coffee mugs, glasses etc. a little everyday. In reality, by the day before your project begins, you should only have a limited number of items left like dishes, a few cups, at few utensils etc. to remove out of the kitchen cabinets.  Keep in mind, once your kitchen is complete is a good idea to wash all your kitchen items before putting them back in their new home.

Your Kitchen Floors: Protecting Them:

If your  kitchen floor has already been redone before the Kitchen Remodeling process, then now is a good time to consider a few steps on protecting them. Consider scraps of carpeting which you can purchase, and lay them  down all over the kitchen floor securing them by  taping them down with duct tape so that they won’t slide, but be careful doing this on hardwood flooring as the adhesive might damage to the finish.  Don’t be too concerned or picky about the colour or the look of the these carpet scraps, they’re not a permanent fixture. Their purpose is purely functional not permanent.

Carpet padding is another option of added protection under the carpet  to help keep your tile or hardwood flooring from the least minimal damage during the remodeling process. Remember, your contractors will be working in this area. They will be moving and using heavy objects needed to do their job that might scratch, crack, dent,  chip, or otherwise cause damage to your finished floor.

Contractor Parking:

So it’s  day 1 of the kitchen remodel. Have I mentioned this is so exciting? 4 different contractor vehicles pull onto your street. They need to park  close by to the house or maybe on your property. What do you do? To make things run a little smoother, try parking your own vehicle somewhere on the street where permitted or ask your neighbours if you can park your vehicle in  their driveway for a while during the day until they go home for the day. Then you can move  your vehicle back into your own driveway again.

Special Items:

Don’t forget about those “special” items like school photos, A+ school test scores, birthday cards from family, invitations, calendars and just about anything else of vale you have out in the open. It’s a good idea to remove theses items. There may be a situation where the contractors will have to move your appliances into another room in order to get the work  done.  Clearing out you plants and any collections of items along your window sills is another great idea to keep them from getting damaged.


Why Do All This? Well, remodelling, especially a kitchen is stressful enough. By preparing yourself in advance you can reduce the risk of having your personal valued items damaged and enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are stored in a safe and secure place. Making your contractors environment accessible to work in without them having to worry  about damaging anything  is a good thing. They’ll be happy knowing that they  can focus clearly on the task at hand. By incorporating some of these tips along with your own ideas, you will ensure a smooth start to the remodelling process.


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