Holiday Lighting Tips

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Weather you choose to decorate your home  for the holiday season with indoor or outdoor lighting or both,  please remember to put SAFETY FIRST.

A suggestion to save some energy $$$ on your “HOLIDAY” electric bill this year, consider using less lights when decorating your home.

Inspection of all lights and extension cords BEFORE, creating a BRILLIANT MASTER SHOW PIECE LIGHTING SHOW for the family and neighbours to enjoy this year, will not only save you the hassle of replacing any damaged bulbs or  extension cords, it’s putting safety first.

Choose decorating lighting that is marked by a recognized certification agency or regulatory body such as CSA or ULC.

Indoor and Outdoor lights sold in Canada are clearly marked for what their intended uses are. Follow electrical product ratings for either indoor or outdoor use and wattage. Always practise caution and safety.

Always read and follow the manufacturers instructions and guidelines for stringing light sets together. As a general rule, string no more than three standard size sets of lights together.

WARNING!!!  Never overload any extension cords  or electrical receptacles.

Practice Safety! Always unplug all  holiday lighting when you go to bed or leave your home.

Consider purchasing and using automatic lighting timers for both indoor and outdoor to ensure your lights are not left on.

As a safety precaution, electrical cords should never be run through windows, door openings or under carpeting. Roll up excess electrical cords and keep safely away from high traffic areas and pets. Secure cords to prevent them from being pulled or tripped over and NEVER USE A STAPLER to secure them.

WARNING!!!  Extension cords should never kept plugged in when not it use.

Before replacing a light bulb, confirm with the manufacturer that the replacement bulb is equal or of lesser wattage.

Remember to ALWAYS PRACTISE SAFETY FIRST and you and your loved ones will enjoy another Wonderful Holiday together this year.

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