Crown Molding: The Skys the Limit

crown molding

I’ve come up with some information to help you become familiar with the different types of crown molding available to anyone who wishes to have this product installed into their home or business.

I cannot say enough about how crown molding adds so much character, beauty, value and finishing touches to any home or business setting. It’s just another beautiful feature that tells a story and brings a room to life.


mdf crown moldings

MDF Crown Molding: short for (Medium Density Fiber Board) is basically, hard board fibers glued together by  pressure and heat.

MDF is A popular product to use because it’s dense, is flat, is stiff, has does not have knots and is easily machined. Due to the fact that it’s made up of fine particles, it does not have an easily recognizable surface grain.

This product is ideal for painting to produce smooth quality surface end results. Because MDF lacks grain this gives it an advantage to be cut, drilled, machined and filed without damaging the surface. MDF may be glued together with PVA Wood glue. Oil or water-based paints and varnishes may be used on MDF. 


wood crown molding

Natural Wood Crown Molding come in a wide variety of wood types. From Oak, Maple, Cherry, Pine and so on. Each variety is unique  for its ability to bring out unique wood grains and natural colour. It can be clear-coated, stained, veneered, or painted, depending on the species. The problem with wood crown molding installation is that wood is often sensitive to shifts in temperature and humidity, which can cause it to expand, shrink, or crack.


plaster crown molding

Plaster Crown Molding is custom-made, and therefore must be installed by a professional. Used with plaster walls, plaster crown molding allows for the creation of unique, sculpted profiles. However, this all comes at a high cost, which is its major disadvantage. For those who can afford it, plaster molding is a beautiful and durable addition, since plaster holds its form regardless of changes in humidity and temperature.

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