Educate Yourself! Ask Questions BEFORE You Hire A Company For Renovation Services

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As an owner and operator here at Don Of All Trades Professional Home Maintenance Services, I would like to share a short list of questions commonly asked by my clients as well  as questions my clients should ask any contractors they choose to hire for their projects, whether its residential or commercial.

When planning any project weather it may be as simple as painting a room to an entire remodelling project,  I still find people don’t ask enough questions. Even with the HORROR STORIES you hear about on social media, television, radio and newspapers!   From my professional experience the 3 most commonly asked questions are  “How much is it going to  cost?”  “When can you start? and “When can you get it done by?”.

I  encourage my clients to ask me as many questions as they would like because yes Price, Timing and Finishing is just not enough to ask a contractor, handyman or renovator you may choose to hire for your project. In all seriousness, Timing may be  “everything” if you’re a comedian, but in  “real” world of renovations, this word does not always apply. Learn how to ask the right questions If you want to have a successful modeling project. How? Do research. You need to start asking the right questions.  Here’s some of the most common concerns and questions asked by my clients.

– When is my availability to start?

-When will the project be finished?

-What time of the day would I be at their residence or business every morning?

-What time would I quit for the day?

-Would I be coming to do the work everyday?

-Can I finish before Christmas, Easter, Thanks Giving, etc.

-How much do I charge per square foot?

These questions will not tell you much about any contractor but while a reasonable timetable is important, this shouldn’t be the primary focus at  an interview or a job and neither should the budget.  If you find a contractor that is reputable and trustworthy, the budget and timing will work itself out in the end. I would recommend focusing more on finding someone whom  you can trust and the quality of their work. 

Before you decide on hiring a company to do your project, make sure to do your homework. Ask the company about their business practices, and experiences  in similar home projects as yours. Once you choose a contractor you feel comfortable and confident with, then you can discuss when they can start, what time they can know on your door each morning and what time they will leave so you can have your house to yourself again.

Helpful questions to ask BEFORE signing a contract:

-How long have you been in business?

-Who will be the project supervisor?

-Who Will be working on my project? Are there subcontractors or employees?

-Does your company have workman’s compensation and liability insurance?

-How many projects such as mine have you done before?

-Would I be able to get a list of references of those of whom you’ve done the similar job as mine ?

-Can I get a copy of referrals?

A Final Note.  It’s not so important as  the answers you get but to look more into the answers you don’t get. Asking the right questions isn’t always enough, pay attention your instinct and what information is missing BEFORE you hire.

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